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Renee T.


Uniting the HVACR Industry

Director of Strategic Partnerships at ESCO Group

Education is the Key to a Sustainable Future

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 65.6% of HVACR service personnel in the industry in the year 2020 will be people not in the industry today. That should leave everyone in the HVACR industry asking: • Will the next generation be trained better? • Will they help reduce warranty cost? • Will they reduce call backs? • Will they help utilities by reducing the energy impact of HVAC

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  • June 11, 2012
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  • Tommy H.


    Tommy H.

    HVAC Instructor at San Jacinto College

    I think this is a wonderful ideal, but the only thing uniting most people would be monetary gain. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for warranty reduction, but that will be up to manufacturers to enforce and encourage. Better trained techs will be produced when wages for them increase and contractors show a willingness to compensate them properly. Reducing callbacks will come from contractors insisting on more and better training for their employees. Utilities will benefit by continuing to offer incentives for efficient energy usage. All this IMHO will occur naturally within the industry as time goes on.

  • Donald H.


    Donald H.

    LEED AP O&M, Energy Services Manager at Ruyle Mechanical Services

    I agree that most people are motivated by some type of financial benefit. Warranty is a type of insurance. Maybe manufacturers could follow the way insurance companies reward thier customers for safe driving or reduced claims. If your warranty claims are low, you would get some type of discount on future purchases of equipment. It would increase management costs to track the claims but it might give contractors a reason to install the equipment correctly the first time to eliminate call backs, reduce warranty claims and gain some monetary gain at the same time.
    The next generation will be trained better and that is our responsibility. We have to be flexible and willing to change our training techniques in order to reach the next generation. We need to make sure that we provide them with the training opportunities that prepare them for this everchanging industry. We can't expect them to acquire the knowedge by osmosis. We have to be willing to share our knowledge and expertise with those individuals who will be the next generation of service technicians. We also need to aggresively market this great business in a way that attracts the best candidates who will be training to be the next generation's service technicians. We need the Best of the Best!

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