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Tips to a Job Interview Presentation to Impress Your Hiring Manager


The quality and delivery of your job interview presentation could literally make or break your chances of landing a job these days. Since there are thousands of hopeful candidates applying for nearly every job these days, you can't afford to have your presentation fall below the mark. The following tips will help you create a presentation that grabs attention and is memorable for some time to come post-interview.

While preparing for your job interview presentation you must think your main points through strategically and present them in a very clear, easy-to-understand fashion. Make sure that you address all of your personal information and previous experience and present it in a fashion that relates directly to the specific position you are trying to land. The ultimate goal is to give them everything they need to know upfront so they are free to ask you more detailed questions about your qualifications for the job and skills. This increases your chances of proving you are the right person for this job.

This means you can't just throw a presentation together at the very last minute. Taking the time to actually research the material you want to cover, write it out on paper, and then rehearse your lines will drastically increase your chances of coming through with a confident presentation that lands you the job over other highly qualified candidates.

Surprise Them with Research!

Companies want to hire people who know what is expected of someone in the position in question and who are familiar with the responsibilities they will be taking on with the job. If you go into an interview with no information about the company and the specific position they are trying to fill, chances are you will be left behind while someone more knowledgeable is hired. If you want to show that you are the right candidate for this job, take some time to research into the position that is being offered and the company doing the hiring.

The Visual Presentation

Take the time to include pictures or images in your presentation and it will make you stand out from most of the other applicants. It has been proven that interviewers tend to react more favorably to job interview presentations which include images than they do to presentations that simply use bullet points. Anything extra that you can do to make your presentation more memorable than all other applicants can give you an extra edge. Images are one of those things!

Rules to Obey

There are some rules that you should commit to memory as you prepare for your interview presentation. For starters, the 10 minute rule says that your total presentation should wrap up within 10 minutes. Obviously, your overall interview is going to go on for a bit longer than 10 minutes, but if you stay within this timeframe you will give ample amounts of time for your interviewers to ask their own questions. You also don't want to talk on and on so others become bored and tune out.

Next is the rule of three. The number three seems to be a popular one, considering many famous concepts have come in threes. For instance, Winston Churchill introduced the idea of "blood, sweat, and tears," and Julius Caesar brought about "vendi, vedi, vici." In recent times, Tony Blair made "education, education, education" a popular saying.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

After you have written down your presentation, the hard work has only started. Spend some time standing in front of a large mirror practicing your deliver. You want to put your heart into the practice and try your best, analyzing your body language and facial expressions so they are as self-assured and friendly as possible. The more you practice the more you will be able to correct potential weaknesses in presentation.

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  • Richard W.


    Richard W.


    We Have Created a Job Interview Success System to Get Success in Interview. Just Follow the Instructions at: http://Ez.com/JIS1

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    Kanon K.

    Marketing Consultant at Angler & Hunter

    Is it just me or does this topic belong in another forum. I thought this was a community of entrepreneurs - folks that want to build businesses and do the hiring.