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This week's featured PRO trend: BRO Beauty

I help small business owners and entrepreneurs create memorable videos.

What business opportunities can you come up with after reading through this week's PRO trend?

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  • May 4, 2012
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  • Art C.


    Art C.

    Ad-Sales Writer/Producer at HGTV

    If I were going to create a product line for men; I'd create a time released fragrance lotion line that released it's fragrance slowly, over the course of the day.

    I'd make it a lotion, as opposed to a cologne because the absorption rate of lotion can be easily varied in the make up of the formula. I'd make it absorb quickly enough to not be a greasy pain-in-the-a$$ but slowly enough that you wouldn't want to put too much on at once.

    I'd call it something like "Subtle" or "Etherial" to drive home the point that you don't need to drown yourself in fragrance in the morning just so you'll still smell good come evening.

    Then I'd market it almost exclusively to women because A) most of your sales are probably going to be women buying for their men and B) if a woman tells a man that she likes your fragrance that man will probably buy your fragrance.

  • Sarah M.


    Sarah M.

    Freelance Writer and Marketing Specialist

    Women are not the only sex that takes pride in keeping themselves well-groomed. It's nice to see that the stigma surrounding men who get manicures or facials is decreasing.

  • -

    - -.

    It was only a matter of time before androgynous editorials spread into the realm of cosmetics. Fashion designers and photographers have been eager to work with collections that blur the distinctions between man and woman, and it makes perfect sense that this obscuring of gender lines has influenced the output of makeup brands. As far as business opportunities go, companies like L'Oreal and Sephora can capitalize on this growing liberal culture. Men are embracing what lies between the sexes, and as such will be altering the way they view products.

  • Josh T.


    Josh T.

    Copywriter/Content Manager at IPsmarx Technology

    I am no expert in cosmetics or dermatology, but I assume that men do not differ so much from women that skincare products would have to be specially tailored to them; men can use essentially the same products as women and achieve similar results. This leads me to believe that most of the thrust in this emerging market will be from marketing rather than R&D.
    As such, I don't think it would be out of the question to think that much of this marketing and advertising will be reminiscent of GQ magazine and the like, especially since this market is probably skewed towards university-educated, higher income men.

  • Kevin

    Kevin Y.

    Intern at Trend Hunter

    It's about time for people to start 'normalizing' male uses of facial products. Skin is skin and there's a need to take good care. C'mon now, folks.

  • Courtney S.


    Courtney S.

    Research Advisor, Editor

    i agree with Kevin. Seems like a fairly untapped market with a lot of room for innovation.

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