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Ten years ago I had a vision - to use aviation and build a humanaitarian medical charity. It was featured in an article in the RCSE journal in the quincenntenial isssue. Where are wwe now?

Business Author, CEO, Charity Chairman, Keynote Speaker,

Sometimes we have a dream, to help others, make changes, to transform lives. Yet to do so one needs to attract people of like mind to join that vision. In our case, refurbishing Boeing aircraft into high-tech sugical hopitals and buiding a small fleet of smaller aircraft, in order to take the hospitals to the people in most need, requires people with passion, hearts as big as frying pans, the ability to donate, loan or invest funds ... and a desire to halt the downward spiral of our world.

Now, 10 years later, we are still struggling to build our fleet. Not one medical or aviation person has lifted a finger to help, donated a dime, invested a dollar, not one! Sad, but true. And so it makes one reflect, if aviation people do not understand how using aircraft to heal our world ... or medical professionals do not understand the benefit of bringing high-tech medical equipment to the developing world, and training healthcare workers in those countries, is the right thing to do ... then as the saying goes; are we beating a dead horse?

Today, I've decided to write this, in the aviation and the medical groups on Linkedin. To ascertain if there are truly any people who care ... in this post 9/11 world of uncaring. To ascertain that is it still the right thing to do in helping others in developing countries while our own countries are in dire need and economic turmoil. And I ask this in order to plan the next year or more ... or to have feedback if we are truly beating a dead dead horse - as everyone maybe trying to look after their own back-yard.

If so ... it will be sad to witness the demise of our once lovely great planet.

Our logo is a butterfly. Our tag line is "Life is beautiful! Share it" ... and we always feature a little child, because the future of our world is the children, who'll inherit it. But frankly - we now experience little sharing, since the US financial crash

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  • March 22, 2012
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