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Synergy between the work with Landmark Education, and other modalities.

Data Analyst at Midway College

I've found that other "technologies" and the courses I've taken with Landmark Education have enhanced each other.

For example, "healing" work I've done with both the Sedona Method and with Brandon Bays' The Journey have helped create space, and possibilities of being arise more naturally in that space.

Anybody else have related experiences to share?

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  • January 7, 2011
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  • William R.


    William R.

    Owner/Coach at William Ryland Coaching

    The Work of Byron Katie is very "transformational" ... as is her style of coaching. I also find that The Course in Miracles is fully aligned ... ie: You and I are Love, and there are simply blocks in the way that hinder us in realizing that Love. Science of Mind (Religious Science, New Thought, etc) is about creating your reality.

  • George F.


    George F.

    Teacher and Coach

    I have been intensely involved with Robert Fritz more and more each year for the last few.. a little more "reality -based " than Landmark, and specifically about creating goals, and results in a way that is NOT based in Intentionality, promises and commitments or will.... (which seemed to take me to many dead ends) but about creativity, individuality, and skill, habits, and discipline. The results have been profoundly effective, in a genuine creative way.. it is a manifestation based on physical properties of "Structural Tension", the natural tendency of the discrepancy between a desired result or vision, and present "current reality", and the actions taken specifically in the desire to bring the vison and goal into being.. There is very little "willpower manipulation" involved,,making that which I create so much more enjoyable and natural..

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