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Bridget M.


Surcharges for Emp Health Care added to your bank's invoice?

Managing Partner, BRM Products & Services at The Montauk Group, LLC.

In this article, Chris Elliott talks about the surcharges he has seen on recent bills from restaurants, to hotels, to airlines. 85% of banks already pass an FDIC "surcharge" on to their corporate customers. Why not add health care and other costs of business to the bill?

Ward Chartier almost choked on his breakfast croissant he ordered at Oakland International Airport recently.The reason for his consternation: an item on the bill that he thought he recognized,...

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  • June 3, 2013
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  • John H.


    John H.

    Business Support Analyst Senior at USAA

    Thanks for the article post, Bridget. To your point about bank passing along an FDIC surcharge to corporate customers ... if they are, the FDIC says they shouldn't:

    It doesn't make sense to me, from a business prospective, of any business, to breakout the components of your pricing to cover overhead (e.g., staffing, healthcare, materials, occupancy, fuel, insurance, etc.). I believe the consumer expects to see an "all-in" price for what is bought, for easy comparison to alternatives. Too much detail can only serve to frustrate and alienate the consumer. The only surcharges that should be on a receipt are for those things that truly are the responsibility of the consumer (e.g., sales taxes)