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Erica T.


If I see one more article or blog post about how you should never be "critical" or "negative" when giving feedback to an employee or colleague (or, for that matter, your children), I think my head will explode. It's incredibly...

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  • January 28, 2013
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  • Guido B.


    Guido B.

    Scene & Green will differ in Time,Place and Group.'Veritatem dilexi'. Power is the ENERGY and / or Right to Control.12K,

    Top Contributor

    There goes something wrong here.

    In terms of feedback, negative feedback means to slow down of the process and positive feedback is about speeding up.(brakes and gas)

    The slogan "we only give positive feedback here" show lack of understanding management.

  • Ivette D.


    Ivette D.

    Global HR Gal

    The key is to give 'negative' feedback right away. I find it works well for me with children, dogs and adults too.

  • Cynthia L.


    Cynthia L.

    Project Manager

    Negative feedback is constructive review and I agree Ivette timing is important.

  • Johnny W. M.

    Johnny W.

    Johnny W. M.

    Contract Trainer at eForce Software

    Negative feedback can be the best positive feedback given. Let the people know where, when, and what they need to do to improve. This prompts learning. Expanded learning seeks out the why and how to improve. When expressed as a critical learning practice, negative feedback resonates with an unfeigned belief that humans learn best with the knowledge of a better way of doing things.





    What is after all negative feedback. Every feedback is meant to keep the system going in the right / progressive direction. What i feel "Negative" about is , is the Manner in it is given.

    Many of the times our communication of the feedback is either not functionally appropriate or not put in right words and tone.

    If what we have said is right, the manner may be wrong. That many times makes it a negative feedback.

  • John Mark W.

    John Mark

    John Mark W.

    Santander Corporate & Commercial Banking

    Great research, and a good article. Thank you for posting, Erica.

  • Alifah A.


    Alifah A.

    Focus on Improving Your Business

    Feedback is essential for growth, both positive and negative. No feedback is worse than negative feedback. The problem sometimes occurs on HOW it was presented, more than WHAT the feedback is. The EI of the receiver could also be a significant factor here.

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