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Seeking advice on enhancing our company's social media presence. How can we increase our connections on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as drive people to the link below to vote for us?

Commercial Investigations LLC

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  • June 2, 2012
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  • Ninel F.


    Ninel F.

    Business Analyst at SABMiller

    Firstly you need to identify where your customers are, do they use twitter or fb more or do they just check linkedin from time to time? I feel businesses try to be present at all social media platforms at once. Its not necessary. Another thing: dont participate as a business posting press releases, be as personal as possible. Lastly, i recommend book Growndswell, brilliant social media guide with examples

  • Michelle P.


    Michelle P.

    Commercial Investigations LLC

    Thanks Ninel! I just bought the Kindle version of Groundswell (Enhanced and Updated). I look forward to getting into it this afternoon.

  • Hazel W.


    Hazel W.

    Global Connector/Inspiring Keynote Speaker

    If you are just trying to add connections to get votes you will not be very successful. Here is an excellent post from Jay and I would also recommend, Crush it and Thank You Economy. It is one thing to build your followers, it is another thing all together to engage them and activate them. That takes a long time of credibility building.

  • Barbara A.


    Barbara A.

    National Media Representative / Business Development at

    Great question, thx for posting it.
    I have hit a limit on twitter and it drives me crazy. I cannot follow back and when I research why I have hit the "limit" I do not match the reasons. I have written them several times and naturally you cannot talk to a human. It's pretty frustrating.
    I will look into the book that Ninel mentioned too.

  • Val D.


    Val D.

    Public Relations Specialist & Promotional Guru

    I agree with Ninel - be on as many social media networks as possible. it can be time-consuming as I have found - however, if you spend a little bit of time each day on your favourite spots, you will readily develop more followers. I have to switch my blog over to Wordpress from Tumblr and/or keep both because you must be registered on Tumblr to follow. Let me know what you think of my blog and follow me please on Twitter and Facebook
    Twitter @PartiesWorld
    Valerie Dooley
    Parties Without Borders CEO or

  • Linda C.


    Linda C.

    Digital Marketing Coach, Speaker, and Author of 3 books (Wiley) Director at Bliss in a Box.

    Hi Barbara, you have hit a limit on twitter because you don't have as many people following you as you are following. You will find as you get more followers, you will be able to follow again. It just stops the bots spamming us :) Only a temporary issue.

  • Annette R.


    Annette R.

    Career Empowerment Advocate | Empowering you to make smoother job transitions and smarter career management choices.

    Hi Michelle – As others have said social media takes time, but one way to increase your Twitter connections is to participate in Twitter chats. If you’re not familiar with Twitter chats here’s an overview. (The article also has a link to a massive Twitter chat schedule.)

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