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Seeking ACCREDITED INVESTORS for New Online Retail Store that will Feature 10 Million Skus. Very Generous Terms for Investors. Looking to Raise $1.5 Million; $25K Minimum

Small business owner

Opportunity for Accredited Investors to Participate in New Internet Retail Growth Company, "Projecting" Sales North of $250 million Within 3 Years. Looking to raise $1.5 million on very generous terms.

eCommerce revenues to increase 62% in 3 years. Our new and upcoming company launch believes we can reach our sales goals of between $200 and $300 million within 36 months according to our projections. We have the best mgt. team in place that has over 100 years of combined experience and have founded public companies that when sold, fetched over $400 million. Already have in place millions of private monies committed. Very low barrier for market entry and viral penetration world wide. Our company plans on offering 10 million SKU's over 25 product catagories at rock bottom prices. We have been there in the past and were hugly succesfull. Our re-entry in the world of eCommerce is based simply on this premise. 245 million Internet users in the US alone and nearly 230 million cell phones in use. Brick and mortor stores already under pressure, more and more will fail. For accreited investors, the face of retailng has changed for ever.

Thank You,

Billy Sayers......bjsayers@att.net or (858) 531-1367
San Diego, CA

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  • June 21, 2012
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