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Pamela Janice Y.

Pamela Janice

The SOA Governance Specialist Certification Exams S90.15A, S90.16A, and S90.17A will be the first exams in the SOACP curriculum to be based on an open book format...

Communications Editor

...allowing testing candidates to bring the SOACP course booklet and the SOA Governance text book with them to the Prometric testing center.

A Certified SOA Governance Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in defining, establishing, and evolving governance frameworks, precepts, and processes in support of organizational and technological SOA governance requirements.

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  • July 24, 2012
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  • Sanjay S.


    Sanjay S.

    Vice President, Engineering at ATMECS

    It definitely makes life easy and at the same time helps the candidate to focus on understanding the concepts instead of just memorizing them. Great step by Arcitura!

  • Yves C.


    Yves C.

    Independent SOA Architect and Analyst

    I like this idea very much and will probably go ahead soon with it.

  • Paulo M.


    Paulo M.

    Software Architect at TCU; SOA trainer and consultant; Visiting Scientist at the SEI

    One bringing an ebook version of the text book to the test center would have a clear advantage over those carrying a printed copy.

  • Yves C.


    Yves C.

    Independent SOA Architect and Analyst

    Sanjay is right (as always) and Paulo has a point.
    It is true that an ebook would allow very fast searches, but the Prometric platform does not allow to view a book online, although it does allow to view the diagrams in the labs. So maybe viewing the ebook could be done through the Prometric interface.
    Personally, I love my paper copy, particularly in view of having no control over the size of the monitor at the Prometric installation, and if you know the book structure/organization thoroughly, you should be able to access the most important information easily enough. But then, we do not know how the exam questions will be formulated with this type of arrangement. This is something I look forward to.
    Best to all.

  • Chris L.


    Chris L.

    Programmer Analyst III - MMG Insurance

    I think Paulo may be referring to a personal ebook reader such as kindle, ipad, phone, etc. I'm guessing that Prometric wouldn't allow those devices and only allow paper copies of the materials... just a guess. Pamela?

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