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Recognition and Reward Program

HR Generalist - Surgical Specialties Corp.

Hi All!

I am in the design phase of a Recognition and Reward Program. I want to know what initiatives have your company in place or with what initiatives have you worked before. Please share the initiatives and/or ideas...


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  • June 14, 2012
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  • Edwar E.


    Edwar E.

    Reward Solutions Manager at Schneider Electric

    Flexible Benefits can be a good start.....but again its really depends on your objectives and priority and your organization core values. Ex: some company already in a level where they dont have any difficulties in attracting talent but retaining is very chalenging. but another company even have difficulties to attract.

  • Malak K.


    Malak K.

    Human Resources / Total Rewards Leader

    Lisandra, have you gotten any internal "indicators" or feedback about the type of programs that would be relevant to your employees?

  • Alok S.


    Alok S.

    HCS HR at Hettich International

    R&R can be based out of monetary and non monetary , defining monetary R&R the process and dependence works is in connection to the core value, required productive output of your company which you can shared and show to your business prospective … and hence agree on to take the initiative. However in case of Non monetary its all innovation and best practice which organization follows . You need to also take care that this does not agitate the value of your organization as well.

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