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IT Project/Programme/People Manager (PRINCE2 Practicioner), SAP Project Manager

According to the group rules posting jobs to the discussions is not permitted - however many people are trying to do that, which results in removing them from the group and blocking the possibility to rejoin.
If you don't believe that - ask 4 members I kicked out just today...

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  • May 19, 2011
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  • Eugene I.


    Eugene I.

    Principal Software Developer at Vaimo Sweden AB

    At last! I stopped the subscription on the per comment basis because of that. And good to know there can be rules like this, it would be a good practice to flag such posts.

    Thank you!

  • Fernando Javier M.

    Fernando Javier

    Fernando Javier M.

    Sr. PHP Developer at Clarin Global - CMD

    I'm kicking in average 10 persons at day by rules violation (mostly, posting jobs in discussions area).

    Unfortunately there are many feeders that auto-post a new blog's post directly to our group discussion's board.
    Since that isn't exactly intentional (and LinkedIn doesn't provides a way to handle this situation) till now I just deleted the post itself but not the user.
    However, I had in mind to make a new thread warning about this situation and after a short period of "education" I'll start banning users incurring in this behavior, no matter what source the job post is coming.

    I said.

  • Federico U.


    Federico U.

    Full Stack Developer at Sailthru

    You're doing good guys. Keep the good job.

  • Martin R.


    Martin R.

    CEO Lorique Aps

    Unfortunately the trend is moving towards recruiters using linkedin more and more for finding people qualified for the jobs recruiters seek to fill. Linkedin does have a mechanism for handling this, unfortunately recruiters do not abide by these rules. So, the real question is; should linkedin personel be banning these people?

  • Fernando Javier M.

    Fernando Javier

    Fernando Javier M.

    Sr. PHP Developer at Clarin Global - CMD

    IMO No, they shouldn't (and won't) do that because recruiters are a huuge number and are a key part in LinkedIn's community (actually, I guess the only ones that would pay for a silver/gold/whatever account type in return of the ability to find and contact people directly as result of searches over a 100million-people directory).

    Said this, there are a lot of groups that doesn't care at all of this kind of spam and annoyance for the real professional members ("the workers").
    We do! And we dislike people that comes to break up our peace and harmonic, neat group.

    Also, for instance I'm currently looking for job because my client had financial issues and stopped paying me.
    So I'm now looking at every new job offer published here. It's perfect to have people offering jobs.
    The key is: "if you were lookig for a job offer, where would you do it: in the jobs board, or messed up among real discussions and unrelated feeds?"

    The problem is that posting a job takes (just) 2 more clicks than posting a "discussion" so that (in my view) "un-professional" people posts using the easier (lazier) way wherever place that means (also discussions have more exposure that jobs offers being the default content showed in the home of the group).
    That behavior is that we're quarreling against.

  • Tom V.


    Tom V.

    Consultant/project manager e-HRM. Want to optimize your HR-processes through IT and Internet? Contact me now!

    I also think that social media share buttons default to sharing a link (which can be a job) to the discussion area instead of "job discussions".

  • Ken H.


    Ken H.

    Computer Networking Consultant and Professional

    Just out of curiousity why were you hesitant to ban the auto feeders? Sometimes it is nice to read articles and such, but an auto feeder isn't really a discussion it is spam. To me a discussion is something knowingly and purposefully created, not something that is auto generated. After all it can be hard to have a meaningful or insightful conversation with a machine, well at least with our current technology.

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