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Dan B.


Personal Brand Storytelling

Branded Entertainment Specialist - Attract, Engage and Influence Target Audiences

Creating a personal brand story isn't easy.

APE allows people to write. publish and use entrepreneurs skills to market their book.

After his release of Enchantment, Guy’s publisher, could not fill an order of 500 ebook copies of the book. The customer had a hard and troublesome experience of getting these 500 copies for an event they were organising. This experience led him to self-publish his next book ‘What the Plus’. Guy learned how complex that self-publishing was. Together with Shawn Welch, APE was written to allow people to take control of their writing, as a result from the confusing and idiosyncratic process. Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur (APE) allows results that rivals that of traditional publishing.

Guy Kawasaki new book APE shows Authors, Publishers and Entrepreneurs how to control the entire process of delivering a book.

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  • December 8, 2012
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  • Omar K.


    Omar K.

    Managing Director & CSO at Sandstorm Digital FZE

    Thanks for this excellent review Dan. Guy Kawasaki is brilliant; always pushing the boundaries on what's possible in the realm of self publishing. He also practices what he preaches with his recent crowd-sourcing of the design of the cover of his book 'Enchanted' ( From a personal branding perspective, Guy's story and how he delivers it is as good as they get. Then again, what else would you expect from former chief evangelist of Apple?

  • Dan B.


    Dan B.

    Branded Entertainment Specialist - Attract, Engage and Influence Target Audiences

    Thank You Omar!

    I couldn't agree more about his personal branding.
    Guy Kawasaki also used crowd sourcing for copyediting for this new book. With the break down of using the process for your own project. Its fantastic.