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Brendan H.


Only in politics can a brand succeed through the use of negative marketing tactics...

Chief Marketing Officer


I've been following the Republican debates with a great deal of interest. I've found them to be enlightening, educational and increasingly childish; even for someone who tends to view politics through a more conservative lens....

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  • January 30, 2012
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  • Bruno D.


    Bruno D.

    Operations Support, Creative Problem Solving e Sustainable Marketing

    Good point Brendan. I'm Portuguese, European but with an eye for what happens in America. In Europe, things run in a little different way, but regarding your point, I think that even if you try to put it under marketing umbrella you'll conclude that most of marketing's rules don't apply. The strategies are different, in most cases the objective has nothing to do with getting more votes, just that the other candidate has less; you can't call really a brand because most candidates, with some exceptions of course, can change quickly their values, their themes, their beliefs, they can almost even change side, and all of this continuing their path (you can't do this with any brand).
    Of course there's more points in this, but just wanted to make my statement.