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Greg S.


New Blog Post: The Perfect Partnership - Product Management and Business Analysis (part two)

SVP of Product Management at Actuation Consulting

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Effective product managers spend a significant amount of time in the market gathering requirements, monitoring trends, examining competitive activity, and evangelizing their product. Product managers are also expected to distill market information...

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  • May 27, 2012
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  • Alan S.


    Alan S.

    Senior Business Analyst at Point B

    As a Business Analyst who has benefited greatly from having a stellar relationship with his product manager, I agree with the importance of this relationship. I've seen this relationship go bad, when the PM gives the BA poor direction for the business case for the product and it becomes a BA's guessing game. I've also seen times when the BA relies too heavily on the PM to do too much of the heavy lifting. With excellent communication and trust between BA's and PM's, I've seen this relationship lead to better products and successful projects.

  • Peter G.


    Peter G.

    Technology Business Patner - Consumer, Corporate Affairs, CEO, Strategy & Innovation and Marketing at Safaricom

    I must agree with you Alan, the relationship between the PM and the BAs greatly affects the quality of the product delivered to customers. A big challenge I have seen is for the two identifying where they cross-pollinate well such that it becomes seamless in delivering 'wow' products.

    The relationship cannot be overemphasized.