Character Counts In Iowa

Character Counts In Iowa

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George M.


Michael J. Cino is now Running for President read about it at - this is extremely exciting news

Media Relations at Sapphire Communications

I am now supporting a new Presidential Candidate Michael J. Cino - he is a Small Businessman from New Jersey who has been Creating Jobs his whole life. New Jersey has finally sent in its replacement for Chris Christie.

We have to stop the spending in Washington before it destroys our entire economy - that much is clear.

Would you please forward this email from him to everyone on your contacts list - and ask them to forward it to everyone on their contacts list?

Thank you and Happy New Year.

- George

Michael Cino For President

Dear American:

I have come to the conclusion that this Country needs a Businessman who knows how to Create Jobs as President - that is why I have decided to jump into this race. We have to STOP the Financial Madness in Washington before it destroys the Country.

The Presidential Campaign this year has become a complete circus.

Growing the Economy is the most important priority - and the existing field of candidates simply does not have anyone who knows how to do that.

A guy who made his money in the Wall Street industry is NOT a businessman who knows how to create real jobs.

I ask you to support me in my efforts to Save the Economy and Save this Country from the disasters that Wall Street and the Greed in New York has forced on us all.

I hope you agree.

Please visit my website at and please consider sending a small contribution - even $15 or $20 will add up and help the Campaign.

I ALSO need people to forward this web address to EVERYONE they know through Email - we have to get the word out quickly.

Thank you very much.

America is still the Strongest Country in the World and we are going to be Stronger.

Michael J. Cino

Home Page

Michael Cino's Economic Plan does NOT rely on waiting for Wall Street to start lending to America Michael Cino's Economic Plan for Saving the US Economy does NOT rely waiting for the Big Wall Street Banks to decide it is in...

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  • December 29, 2011
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