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Twana A.


I've been promoting without success...what am I doing wrong? Manager's Choice

Data Entry Clerk

I have a website, crocheting roses, and I've been promoting for a few months...do you have any suggestions?

Hand-Made Roses Galore! ttalon.webs.com

Are you looking for a special gift that lasts? Hand-made roses are a great gift for almost any special occasion or event. "The Best Part Is You Never Have To Water Them, They Last Longer, You Don't Have To Throw Them Away and No Thorns".

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  • May 19, 2011
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  • Dawn H.


    Dawn H.

    Owner at Belisama - BelisamaStyle.com

    I see on your web visitors counter that you have over 15000 visits. That is quite a bit for just a few months. My honest opinion, since you asked, is that while you may have a desirable product for some customers, the website your product is displayed on is very scary and does not look like a legitimate site. If I came across that site in a search while looking for crochet roses I would leave it immediately because my first thought would be that I would get a computer virus or hacked. There are a lot of really good web hosts and shopping carts out there that look clean and professional for free or minimal costs. I would suggest you work on your site before further promoting. Also might help to have better photographs. Anyways, just some thoughts. I do wish you the best of luck in your venture though!!! -dawn

  • Veronica S.


    Veronica S.

    Owner, Dreamweaver

    I went to your website. When I clicked on the thumbnails, they didn't come up larger. I think it might help to have larger, crisper photos so people can see your work better. Are you using search engine optimization? Go to Google AdWords to find the best keywords to list.

  • Janice F.


    Janice F.

    Owner, Miroge Gallery & Gifts

    HI Twana,
    Your roses are so cute and so unique. I find with my stained glass... what sells are small items in the $10 - $15 range. People tend to be less frivilous with their money when items are over $20. I would suggest rethinking your packaging amounts and price ranges --- not to drop your price... you could even up your prices a bit if you were to offer fewer roses in a less costly package. A little boquet of maybe 5 roses nicely packaged or in a vase should sellable in the $10- $15 range. You could also make them into corsages, or baby arrangements - I think that the secret is to offer a finished product - no assemby required ar the purchaser's end.

  • Pearletta W.


    Pearletta W.

    RBL Facilitator at Hackney Community College

    I think you need to redesign you're website as I agree with Dawn. The site is very scary. Choose a background colour and design that fits the mood that represents what you offer your visitors and brings out the beauty of your work. You could also retake your photos to give better views of your intricate creations.

  • Leslie M.


    Leslie M.

    Owner, Coffee Break Designs

    Since they are pretty roses, the site should reflect the image you want to sell. Maybe a plain background on the entire site to show off your products. Also, set up your photo shots in an attractive setting to show how your roses might look in different settings. Look at other sites to see what they've done. Set up a whole photo shoot with props. I like this picture on this link because it focuses on the product within a soft, pretty complimentary setting. (Not my product, so I am not plugging - I like this setting):


    You don't need to be a professional photographer or have lots of money. And it does take practice.

  • Livio S.


    Livio S.

    Props maker

    Hi Twana!
    Maybe you can try to set your website with "Joomla" or other CMS way to builds web spaces (wordpress for example). It's a very simple way to do it..:
    You need only web hosting service!

    (...excuse my bad english!)

  • Gail M.


    Gail M.

    Owner at Heart & Sow Designs, designer of accessories.

    I'm all for your own personal website but there are many online marketplaces that will get you more exposure too. Putting your items in marketplaces is kind of like having a team approach. Try etsy.com (number 2 in selling market places, number 1 is still ebay but very expensive.) And try artfire.com. Many people trust these places to shop for handmade items. Do you have a blog? Facebook page? Twitter account? All these things help get the word out too.

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