Linked:Energy (Energy industry expertise)

Linked:Energy (Energy industry expertise)

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I've been asked to look into doing a study to set up a plasma gasification plant. Can somebody please share with me any technical whitepapers or articles on the matter?

Project & Risk Management Professional

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  • April 16, 2012
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  • John W.


    John W.

    Founder and Principal at Clean Energy Action Project

    Check into the work of WPC (Westinghouse Plasma Corporation) and their (3) projects for Hitachi:

    • Hitachi MSW Gasification Demonstration Plant, Yoshii, Japan
    • Hitachi 200 tpd MSW Gasification Plant, Utashinai, Japan
    • Hitachi Combined MSW and Sewage Sludge Gasification Plant, Mihama and Mikdata, Japan

    Also any projects by Plasco Energy Group Inc. of Canada, PEAT International of Taiwan, and Advanced Plasma Power of England.
    • Plasco has a neat 5 minute YouTube video at their site and several completed projects.
    • PEAT has completed projects in China, Taiwan, and the U.S.
    • Advanced Plasma Power has completed projects in Great Britain, Brazil, and Belgium.

    A kind of plasma gasification primer can be found at:

    I'm not so sure about the company (WPP Energy Corp.) that produced the document. I don't think they actually have any completed projects.

  • Christopher T.


    Christopher T.

    at CAT Technologies LLC

    You might find articles on NRELs site (national renewable Energy Labs - Colorado)

  • Scott

    Scott F.

    Systems, Network & IT Manager at NewNet Communication Technologies

    One of the best articles that brought plasma gasification into the limelight by explaining it and proposing some "What if's" was in Popular Science magazine :

    After reading through that you'll have an appreciation and understanding of the basic technology and all of the promise it holds.

    StarTech failed to get enough financing and has been absorbed by another one of the major players so their tech is still in use, but everybody has a little different spin to their proposed tech such as temperatures ranging from 8,000 to 30,000 and varying degrees of MSW separation requirements and varying amounts of electricity produced and consumed.

  • Mo V.


    Mo V.

    Senior Executive focused on building new businesses in Fortune 500 firms and Start-ups

    Plasco has the only full size plasma gasification commercial scale plant in operation in the world. It is in Ottawa, Canada. You can see it at
    Cheers, Mo

  • John W.


    John W.

    Founder and Principal at Clean Energy Action Project

    As best as I can tell, the Plasco Trail Road Plasma Gasification Plant is a daily load 85 ton demonstration project. Admittedly, it is large scale for a demonstration project and it seems to have led to a contract with the City of Ottawa for a full-scale plant (300 tons daily). See:

    After further digging, I think I can say that the world's only full-scale, commercial plasma plant is the Hitachi Metals 200 TPD MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) Plant in Utashinai, Japan
    Co-developed by Westinghouse Plasma Corporation and Hitachi Metals, this is perhaps the world’s only commercial scale plasma arc facility disposing MSW. Commercial 200 ton/day plasma processing system, fully operational in April 2003.
    • Designed for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR). Represents MSW from approximately 30,000 US households

    • Plant has two plasma reactors. (4) 300 kW torches (Westinghouse Plasma Corp.) per reactor. Each reactor will process ~4 tons/hr.

    • Generates 7.9 MW of electricity (4.3 MW to grid). Could supply 4,000 US households with electricity (up to 15% of households supplying waste to the system)

  • Richard C.


    Richard C.

    Entrepreneur & Software Engineer

    About a clean energy and recycling plasma gasification technology idea I've been promoting since 2003 as a new anchor industry for my home town of Weirton, WV and the surrounding OH-WV-PA tri state area to help relieve its economic duress see the webpage at: The original paper from now defunct Scientific Utilizations is also on this page.

    On this page is a copy of my white paper "Recycling and Power Facilities(RPFs) as Anchors to Self Sufficient Industrial Parks; An Environmentally Safe Concept Utilizing Gasification To Energy Technologies in Co-Venture with the Industrial Community to Advance Energy Independence and Revitalize Depressed Economies" which I've been circulating around as an independent member of WV Senator Manchin's "Project Weirton" task force.

    Now my idea is:

    * Collect, prepare and stage coal, municipal and industrial waste feed stock at Weirton's Brown's Island location (which nicely separates that process from the general community);

    * Transport the feed stock to Weirton's North End where a series of processing plants capable of handling 30,000 or more tons per day capacity will generate a hydrocarbon synthesis gas, pig iron and silicate aggregate end products;

    * Use a portion of the gas to support the other members of an integrated industrial park community to be developed around this industry, either burned directly or converted to electricity;

    * Use the remainder (most, likely) of the synthesis gas in a synthesis fuel refinery on Weirton's south end, refining it into alternative liquid fuels for export such as methanol, ethanol, and diesel;

    * Perhaps use the now idle "hot mill" facilities in the middle of Weirton to turn the pig iron into carbon steel provided that the amount and quality are sufficient, which based on the suggested final processing capacities I would think might be;

    * Persuade a silicate processing specialist such as Owens Corning ( to come here and convert much of the silicate aggregate into building products, with the remainder used for road construction.

    These are my ideas for reviving this area, check with the good offices of Senators Rockefeller and Manchin for more information about what I am trying to do here, I've independently worked on this concept since 2003 before Weirton Steel went bankrupt.

  • John W.


    John W.

    Founder and Principal at Clean Energy Action Project

    Mo Vargas:
    I'd like to include the Plasco Trail Road plant in my discussion of plasma gasification in a renewable energy seminar I co-teach. I've been going through the Plasco website and could use some help clarifying the data. Here's what I'd like to be able to include (fi available):

    Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Date Commissioned: 2008 (construction phase: 9 months)
    Rated Capacity: ? MW
    Annual Production: ? GWh per year
    Carbon Offset: ? tons per year
    Owner: Plasco? City of Ottawa?
    Generation Offtaker: ?
    Generation Technology: GE Jenbacher gensets (size? number?)
    Cost: ??

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