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Is there any emphasis from LatAm mobile operators on increasing revenues from users who don't own high end smart-phones?

Country Manager - Mexico / CA / Caribbean at PayTrue Solutions

It appears that most LatAm operators are trying to emulate the sophistication of operations in US and in Europe by introducing high end smart-phones and high end services. But the largest installed base is the low end subscriber (pre-paid, ARPU < $15 US/month, etc) who consumes mostly SMS. Are there any initiatives in this area?

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  • January 11, 2011
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  • Pedro B.


    Pedro B.

    Founder & President of B-Quad Communications Corp, and Telecommunications Consultant

    The one inititative that I am aware of is from Movilnet, the Venezuela carrier. They will be introducing a downloadable application from the French company Myowa. The software adds mobile access capability to the 5 largest social networks: facebook, twitter, Skype, Yahoo and gmail. The application does require a smartphone, but in fact converts a "low-end" smartphone (like a Sony-ericsson, a Nokia) into something more similar to an I-phone or a Blackberry.

  • Fernando A.


    Fernando A.

    Director at Hot Chocolate Design C.A

    Hi Fernando. I can speak on behalf of a leading mobile operator in Venezuela and the answer is yes. There is a huge opportunity to explode those clients with phones (non-smartphones) capable of transmiting data (not just SMS). The challenge is how to make them use data services and to create the need. Always thinking of course in upgrading customer base to high end phones. Regards, Fernando

  • -

    - -.

    hi Fernando et all; i can offer one that we have been working on. We have live commercially operation business solution for Personal/Personnel OH&S [GSM+GPRS+GPS] Wristwatch [Dick Tracy style] two way voice, that is ideal for the existing GSM/GPRS market, which is relatively low cost. Its primary purpose is for personal security & safety, it sends an SOS SMS alert + opens voice channel + option to enable GPRS data as an "data SOS Alert" into live 24/7 monitoring centre.

    In its simplest form it can be offered as a "self monitor" system. With the option take take up our SECUREwatch software app, via DVD install disk, which monitors alerts + GPS location with Google maps etc via any compliant device that runs XP or Windows7.. the "SECURE watch" device can also be used to make calls to two other prefixed numbers + it can receive calls like other phones. We are interested to introduce this into the likes of Telefonica and looking for a local representation. I am open to receive inquiries to: or +61 405 191 010

  • Fernando A.


    Fernando A.

    Country Manager - Mexico / CA / Caribbean at PayTrue Solutions

    A company called CATATREPA based in Paraguay developed a platform that allows mobile operators to offer SMS Collect. It is a clever offering since over 90% of subscribers are ultimately users of only PrePaid Voice and SMS. What is interesting is that with only a minimal investment on the part of the operator, the ARPU went up by 3%. Further advantage is that subscribers do not need to acquire a new handset, greatly facilitating the adoption of the service.

  • Ignacio

    Ignacio B.

    General Manager at Barle

    The 4 big operators in Latin America have indeed tried to squeeze some revenue out of their big low arpu cust bases ( <15 us includes more than 80% of the base for most latam markets) from ringback tones , sms give and collect, very agressive sms polls and trivia games , even balance loans.. and the list continues .
    With penetration reaching 100% in the region , most of it prepaid, and apm going down because of the agressivenes of the promotions this is the only way to go as i see it.

  • Steve S.


    Steve S.

    Development, sale & implementation of mobile value added services in the Latin America region

    Good afternoon to all. Pre paid roaming will bring a higher ARPU to one of the most neglected (yet most valuable) customers groups in Latin America.

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