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Is it fair that hotels charge for wifi access ?

Lately discussion around hotel internet fees has been so inflamed you might think evil dictators and flagrant human rights violations were involved.

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  • October 26, 2011
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  • astut D.


    astut D.

    Student at health university indonesia

    i think is not fair ...should be included in the price of a hotel room to stay alone
    wifi as one seed in the hotels ,,everyone needs it ..moreover using internet to connect with their client ,,oke!!!

  • doildek A.


    doildek A.

    storekeeper at Hotel 1000

    if you can stay with me

  • Remon N.


    Remon N.

    Starwood Director of sales leisure Egypt

    The hotels used to charge client s the wifi service because it is generating good revenues specially in city center hotels as well there is a cost for the service.

    However some hotels offer for free so we cannot say fair or not fair but it is preferable that hotels offer it for free as add value for the client

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    Considering that some choose to charge and others don’t - it’s certainly an interesting topic in the industry right now.

    It will be intriguing to see how much of a role consumer power plays as this goes on, as the general consensus seems to be that it isn’t fair to ask customers to pay extra for their internet connection.

    Anyone prepared to present an argument on the Hoteliers side?

  • Hakam T.


    Hakam T.

    Executive Housekeeper at Kempinski Aqaba red sea

    I agree it is an interesting topic for both Hoteliers and Guest.

    I believe there should be a "Happy Medium" meaning, have the charges reasonably incorporated within the room price and let it be known for the guest.

    Even better, allow the guests a "free time" on the internet, 60 min a day, most of us will use the net to check emails, have a quick chat, or even conduct a video conference, but by in large what would be the longest time you will use the internet for REALLY!

    so i say 1 hour " on the house" is fairly reasonable, should the guest require any more then you charge him. and i believe guests might be at ease with that approach.

    Just a thought!

  • Adrian M.


    Adrian M.

    Executive Chef at Albilad Hotel

    I agree the topic is becoming and issue throughout the industry.

    The question is on how to tackle the high demand caused by the evolving gadgets. In the past the industry was repeatedly faced with new technologies and demands, such as, which hotel provides private bathroom with hot water or telephone connections in each room.

    The point I am trying to make is that the industry should not ask whether it is free or not, rather asking how to sell it in the appropriate wrapping.
    Did ever someone discuss whether a massage should be free or not? It is feasible to find the right strategies to utilize the demand of the new technologies in the favor of the hospitality industry. The consumer plays its role by expressing dissatisfaction. Perhaps package deals might be a solution, “Business Packages” with more bandwidth verses “Beach Package” with lower or optional service. I think transparent communication of what consumer can expect is a better solution than globally promote something.

    Nothing is truly for free.

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