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Dara A.


Is the accredited investor rule unconstitutional?

Recognized speaker on topics relating to market structure, financial innovation & crowdfinance

Dear Fellow Americans, I am writing this letter not only as an unrelenting advocate for Wall Street reform, but more poignantly as a concerned citizen and a devoted mother of two young ...

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  • November 26, 2012
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  • Carlo C.


    Carlo C.

    Founder/CEO at SELECT

    This article raises some interesting points - the fact that pure wealth/income determines whether or not people can invest in startups is ridiculous - i like their use of Snookie as an example of someone who qualifies as a sophisticated investor.

    I also think that they make a good distinction about the role of regulators which should be to prevent scams - not to forbid average americans from high risk investments that could have significant returns. Anyone can go to Vegas and blow 10 grand but they can't instead put that in a business they believe in?

    Lastly I love the facebook example, I remember telling my grandparents back in college that facebook would be a great IPO in a year or two - too bad it took 8 years before most Americans were able to invest in it only to get destroyed because the valuation had been pumped up by Wall Street and the shares dumped on retail investors. I saw this a lot while I was in finance and it attributed to my decision to switch to startups. I like to put time, money and energy behind businesses I believe in - that's what moves this economy and this country forward.