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Lunch Club of Paris - marketing & communication professionals making contacts

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If you can't make it to next week's lunch, we'd still love to hear your feedback and ideas for upcoming events. What hot marketing and communications topics would you be interested in?

International Communications Professional specialized in content

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  • March 21, 2012
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  • Eileen L.


    Eileen L.

    Consultant and Coach, Corp Communication, Strategic Marketing, Change, Professional Development; President IABC France

    Hi there, having recently joined this group, I would have loved to attend next week's lunch. Unfortunately, I have prior back-to-back engagements in the middle of that day. So will take a raincheck. Here are some ideas and suggestions for topics that I'd like to get insights and exchange on (I'd be happy to also share or contribute to any of these topics):
    1) government relations and policies have growing implications and influence for businesses operating or focused in the Internet world/sector - what role (if any) can strategic communications play in a company's efforts to influence or seek consensus with regards to policy advocacy and government relations, and is there a difference in approach and treatment as compared to more traditional communication disciplines?
    2) many companies are seduced by the potential of high-growth emerging markets and are increasingly looking into capturing market creation and penetration. What differences and cultural lessons can we draw from communication practitioners who've had to "sell" into these markets and things to be aware of when operating in emerging markets?
    3) industry thought leadership is many things to many people but what exactly is it, especially in Europe? What makes a thought leader or a piece of content/information to be considered a thought leadership?Can thought leadership be developed and does it really build credibility? Or, is this seen as another marketing collateral?Can it be measured?
    Will be happy to discuss or elaborate if there's interest.

  • Beatriz G.


    Beatriz G.

    Creative, client focused marketer with expertise in brand, communications and financial product promotion

    Thank you so much Eileen for the ideas. We will think about it and discuss with the group. I hope to see you soon - Beatriz

  • Amanda S.


    Amanda S.

    International Communications Professional specialized in content

    Wow, great ideas! Anybody else?

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