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B2B Lead Generation & Content Marketing

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I saw this question on Quora; let's ask here. Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy.

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Please define each. What is:
a. Content Marketing
b. Content Strategy

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  • June 7, 2012
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  • Jim M.


    Jim M.

    Business Catalyst at Smartketing, Hybrid Marketing Leader

    Paul trick question. Just kidding. To me Content Strategy is a by product of Content Marketing and will vary by platform. Content Marketing is a company's overall objective of the content it wants to communicate (both online and offline) then broken down by platform then by execution (tactics ranging from management, timing, accountability, etc.). Therefore when it comes to Content Strategy an example would be a company's blogging strategy can be to position its expertise on a given subject, then its Content Strategy on Twitter can be two-fold: A.) Drive traffic to the blog, B.) Share content relevant to its Twitter community engagement

  • Jim M.


    Jim M.

    Business Catalyst at Smartketing, Hybrid Marketing Leader

    Paul here is a good article I read this morning on Twitter that is helpful: http://bit.ly/LLpSZw

  • Volker S.


    Volker S.

    Expertise in Inbound Content Marketing, Buyer Persona Modelling, Content Creation and Optimization.

    I would try it this way:

    First "Content Marketing":
    For me it is a specific aproach. A marketing philosophy about how to market something.

    To define it, I like to use the simple definition, given by Lee Odden (toprankblog.com):

    Content Marketing is the alignment of customer needs with business goals through purposeful content.

    This agreed, you then need to define a content marketing strategy and a content marketing tactic.

    Supposed you already know who your customers are and what they want, you can define your content marketing objective.

    Let´s say: To become the first choice as a trusted source for lifestyle advice.

    If you have decided about your objective you move on by defining strategy and tactics. One goes together with the other but both play specific roles.

    Strategy is what you have to define under a long-term perspective. It needs high-level thinking aimed to achieve your defined objective.

    Tactics are about operations. Your tactic defines how you want to achieve your defined objective, with what kind of content, what kind of media formats, distributed with what frequency, on which platforms and channels…