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I have a book in paperback form whch has already been published. I would like to load it as a digital books (ebook, kindle, etc). Any good services or software this Group can recommend ?

Consultant, Writer and Editor

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  • August 16, 2012
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  • B. Lou G.

    B. Lou

    B. Lou G.

    Sales Representative at Cengage Learning

    Just to summarize what you are wanting...you need advice on where to load your e-book, marketing materials for e-books and most likely on whether you need a new cover for the e-book? Correct?

    Kindle Direct on Amazon is almost a must do. Smashwords is great because your book gets into a lot of catalogs in multiple formats (including the Apple Store). I really recommend getting active in Goodreads if your book is fiction, it really helps building readership.

    You can do it yourself in CreateSpace, Amazon Direct and Smashwords.

    If you don't want to do it yourself, several small companies will do the heavy lifting for you. Companies like Xilbris (who I think are a bit overpriced) will do it all for you from cover, to inside layout to getting your book in all the right places...for about $499.00. http://www2.xlibris.com/bw_eadvantage.html

    You could do it yourself for much less.

    Is that what you wanted?

  • Umesh D.


    Umesh D.

    Sr. Software Engineer (Perl,xml,cgi,html,css,python,javascript) @ ninestars.in

    Hi Lina,

    Many softwares available in market for example calibre, this will convert your book to ePub or mobi, you can do yourself, input like word or PDF , but quality of the output is not coming, you can check.

    I m a freelancer for creating ebooks if you need any help I will help you.


  • Russ D.


    Russ D.

    Owner / Publisher at Gray Dog Press

    The key element in any eBook is proper formatting. Depending on what the book is, you did not say, a source file for conversion can be prepared for as little as $50 assuming it is a novel comparable to about 200 pages or the like. More complex formatting with a lot of indents, separators, illustrations, etc. can run more. The rest you can do yourself by loading either the source file or the converted file to the different sites. I am contracted to anywhere from 6 to 10 each month.

  • Nathan B.


    Nathan B.


    I'd recommend Bookbaby. They charge $99 and make it available on all the main ebook distributors like Kindle, Sony etc.

  • Kevin M.


    Kevin M.

    Owner at Role of the Hero Publishing

    Top Contributor

    Your best bet is to do the conversion yourself, if you are able. There are several good programs (Calibre is OK, Jutoh is excellent, have heard LegendMaker for the Mac is very good too, Scrivener has a pretty good epub/mobi export as well) which you can use for this.

    You need an epub file, minimally. You also want a mobi file ideally, since this will let you a) upload the best file format to Amazon and b) sell the epub and mobi from your own website as well. Most people read mobi format - most sites sell epub format - so you need both.

    If you don't want to learn ebook conversion yourself (it is somewhat more complicated than converting a DOC to PDF, but not substantially so for most text-only books; can be *significantly* harder for books with lots of images or special layout considerations), then hire a freelancer to do the job. Some people will do this for as little as $25. Others charge $200 or more. The average is in the $50-150 range for most books (again, can be MUCH more than that for image-heavy books or books with specialized formatting).

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS companies which upload to retailers "for you" and charge a percentage of profits. This includes Vook and all of the Author Solutions companies (AuthorHouse, Xlibris, iUniverse, Abbott, and others). These places overcharge for conversion AND keep 50% or more of the profits on sales. Many are, at the core, scams designed to rip writers off for as much money as possible.

    I don't include Bookbaby or Smashwords in that list; both are viable routes to upload a book and have it distributed.

    My method:
    - Upload a mobi to Kindle Direct Publishing for Amazon distribution. Can use epub here, mobi is preferable because it's the best conversion to Amazon format.
    - Upload an epub to Pubit for B&N distribution.
    - Upload an epub to Kobo Writing Life for distribution there.
    - If you happen to have a Mac, you can upload direct to Apple's iBookstore. If not, this is not a huge loss, as the are a tiny market anyway AND you can reach them with Smashwords.
    - Upload to Smashwords for distribution to Apple, Diesel, and a few other places. Can also use Smashwords for books you want to price 99 cents on B&N (make 60 cents vs 45 cents per sale through Pubit; I use this for short stories). See the Smashwords Style Guide for info on what you need to upload there.

    Done. At least...for now. ;) Remember to stay alert to new markets. There are more popping up all the time. You're in charge of your business now, so getting your books out there to readers is up to you.

    You'll notice I use a distributor for as few venues as possible. This both maximizes my revenue and my control over my work. Working through a distributor like Smashwords or Bookbaby reduces both. If the number of major retailers expands to the point where it becomes hard to manage, I'll look harder at distributors. But for now, it's relatively easy to handle uploading and management of works on four sites.

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