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Jacques R.


I am flirting with the idea of creating a website for eLearning/instructional design developers that would bypass the middleman role of recruiters in getting projects. Manager's Choice

Sr. Instructional Designer at Zip Ed Tech

Like many of you, I create eLearning projects primarily from my dining room table. However, as of late, I have become frustrated by the necessity of working with recruiters to find elearning/instructional design projects. During down time I have been working with websites like www.99designs.com and www.crowdspring.com to submit logo and t-shirt designs. After a while I wondered why eLearning content could not be submitted in the same way. I posed this question on the crowdspring Facebook page and found that they do not currently or intend to ever, offer this as an option. That made me think that this might present a unique opportunity. That is, a website that allows eLearning projects to be posted with at a fixed price and allow developers to post an example file and compete for the project...Just wondered if this interested any of my eLearning Developers Guild brethren?

The world's #1 marketplace for logo design, web design, and crowdsourced writing projects. Over 25,000 satisfied clients! -...

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  • October 8, 2011
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  • Bipin G.


    Bipin G.

    CEO at eLearningConsultant.net

    That is an interesting idea, do let us know how it shapes out.

  • Tory T.


    Tory T.

    Owner/Manager at Willow's Dog Wash Mobile Grooming

    This sounds like a great idea! Keep us posted!

  • Dr Neelima R.

    Dr Neelima

    Dr Neelima R.

    Freelance Instructional Designer at Freelance

    I believe some one did think about it earlier - Elance offers this and elearning projects are posted where users (elearning developers - Instructional designers / graphic designers) can respond and upload their sample. It works really well.

  • Sue E.


    Sue E.

    CEO at PeopleLearn, LLC

    I know you addressed this to the eLearning Developers Guild brethren, but just a thought from one of the sisteran. In addition to Elance, there is also ODesk. These companies work only as outsourcing agencies to avoid a conflict of interest. You may want to choose to be one or the other...to be a developer or a middle man yourself, an outsourcing service. "Competition" is always a good thing. Go for it! BTW, as a developer, check out the rates that developers earn by the hour using these agencies. It may be considerably less than what you may be accustomed to. However, you might ask yourself, "Which is better, a single $100,000 contract, or ten $10,000 contracts?" Just a thought.

  • Samantha S.


    Samantha S.

    SAP Project Consultant

    I agree, don't flirt,...let's do it!

  • Iglika A.


    Iglika A.

    manager at KAIT expert edu group

    I would like to support the idea. More.. I will participate. For 10 years experience I have a lot of effective and good working materials , using just in one course or in several courses. It is pity not to try them in more flexible and creative way.

  • Steve C.


    Steve C.

    Instructional Author - Sr eLearning Consultant eLearning - Design Development - Available for contract and projects

    What difference is a website from an agency? Both are still in the middle. Both take a cut of the project.

    Why don't ID / Developers just go directly to the client? Clients are not that hard to find, they are all around us. And, the benefit to the ID, you make more money and have a much greater control over you working environment.

    IMHO these sites become "auction" sites, with work generaly gong to the lowest bidder. And, the lowest bidder, usually has the poorest quality product/services to deliver. Not good for either side.

    A little story.
    An associate called me up to see if I could help her get more work. It seems most of the work she was doing came from a friend who gave her work that he either did not want or did not have time to do. He has since moved on to a different line of work. My friend no longer had new projects coming in. I asked her if she ever went out and talked to potential new clients. She said never. The reason? She didn't like to sell. My response back was as the owner/sole proprietor of her business, her number one job was to sell both herself and her business. Her number two job was to deliver what she promised and her number three job was to collect the monies she was owed. She said she could never cold call. I told her her business was destined to fail and that if she could not sell, she should get a regular job. Almost a year has passed and I hear she is still struggling to find new projects. But, if she had spent the last year, talking to prospective clients, I am willing to bet her project pipeline would be overflowing.

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