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Paige R.


How to work a room.

Chief Operating Officer

Networking is all about relationship building- Make the most of events! I would love to hear suggestions about how we can make our events more business friendly and purposeful. MIT Forum and CVG provide attendee lists - is that a good addition to events? Do you like verbal introductions by each attendee (for small events)?

The first time I heard the term “working a room,” I thought there must be more to attending events than just showing up and simply interacting with others. Perhaps there is an actual science to “working a room.” The fact is some people are more comfortable than others in social settings, and some people are so good at networking that they actually do have it down to a science. One such person is

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  • April 9, 2012
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  • Brian N.


    Brian N.

    CEO, West Edge Development

    I am one of those people uncomfortable in the typical networking situation. I'm not shy, or retiring, I'm an introvert. "Basically, an introvert is a person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people." [] Maybe 25% of the population shares this quality, a true silent minority often invisible to the social, talkative majority.
    So, as Paige suggests, having attendees give a brief introduction of who they are and what they do helps me to identify people I want to approach instead of relying on random encounters to find them.

  • Paige R.


    Paige R.

    Chief Operating Officer

    Lots of bright, inventive people fall in that Introverted 25% - Thanks for your feedback Brian - I certainly appreciate the intros that MIT forum does - even though it takes a bit of time during the event, it does put faces to the names on the attendee list and creates a sense that you have met everyone in the room - making future interaction easier.

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