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How to measure ROI when doing customer orientarion changes in technology company.

Regional Distribution Manager CEE ✔ Sales Manager / Channel Manager ⇨ Strategic Thinker / Change Management Top Contributor

Hi All,

I'm preparing change managrment project for IT technology manugacturer with global reach and thousand plus headcount. Most steps seem relatively clear in what/how to do. Although to get buy-in from top management I'd like to show benefit that is mesurable in % or in $. I have trouble here.

How did U present this aspect to your CEO and board to get their enthusiasm?

Will be grateful for input from your experience. BR, Daniel

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  • May 23, 2012
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  • Moshe D.


    Moshe D.

    Service Recovery and Customer Centricity

    This is a difficult issue.
    Ideally, you want to have a framework in place where you can connect between your department and organizational profits. The framework needs to utilize certain measures which are accepted by management. Then when you want to show your ROI you can calculate it using these acceptable measures.
    I understand from your post that you don't have such a framework. You will need to develop the framework and the measures. Be prepared for a struggle to convince management that the framework and the measures are valid. Because you are trying to get funding, they will fight you on every step and attack your measures. Buy In is always easier if there is no money at stake.
    In order to set up your framework, you need to talk to the different departments and find out how your department impacts their ability to serve the customer. Blueprinting is a big help in this process. How can you measure this impact? How do other departments measure their ROI? Try to use accepted measures in your company where possible to lower the risk of rejection. Use an internal service audit to help you map out your impact on the bottom line.
    This is a difficult process, so be prepared for it to take some time. Do not give up! You will always need to be able to show your impact on the customers and the bottom line.
    Good Luck!

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