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How many platforms is necessary to be engaged?

Social Media Team Coordinator at Dialogue Marketing

I'm sure everyone here understands that social media is now part of our lives (if you like it or not), but what is the threshold for using too many platforms and not getting an adequate ROI from your time spent? How many platforms do you use to reach your customers or target market?

I feel that using different social media platforms is kind of like using different channels of traditional marketing. Each channel/platform is going to have a slightly different following or user base. I am an aspiring trep and am setting up my social media strategy for the near future for my small pottery business. I'm planning on using youtube, facebook, pinterest, and blogger to reach my potential buyers... But where is the line for using too many platforms?

Just curious to see what other treps use and how effective the platforms have been for them,


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  • July 2, 2012
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  • Brian G.


    Brian G.

    Aspiring accountant with a passion for financial analysis and all things business

    As with all marketing it is all about monitoring and adjusting based on your response and profit potentials. If it is cost effective to hire people to reach more potential customers then the sky is the limit. Use them all, use one, or use none. Every business is different and there really is no magic number as to what works and what does not. In my opinion, I would focus heavily in one area, master that network or at least gain a firm understanding of how it works and then try another area. This allows for maximum utilization of resources and ease of monitoring ROI. Depending on how "small" your pottery business is, you may like the slower, more controlled growth with this method as well. Having a huge volume of prospective clients is useless if you can't convert and sell them. Even worse under serving them with lack of product, long shipping times, and poor service due to staffing concerns could do more damage than good. Slow and steady wins the race...

  • Karen C.


    Karen C.

    Social Media and Internet Marketing Speaker, Trainer & Consultant

    I agree Dan. In my online course I teach people to create profiles on several depending on your target market but to choose one to focus on, then as you gain momentum or systemization/delegation mastering that, move on to another focus. It can be overwhelming but I do think it's important to 'meet people where they are' literally online. Figure out where your ideal customer is, and go there. And do not underestimate the power of the search engines. YouTube, blogs, and Facebook business pages do well there. good luck!

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