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Gillian L.


How does a new grad know where to start the job hunt? What tips would you give a new grad who is beginning to look for their first career job?

Careers Web Editor at The Globe and Mail

Love to publish a top 10 list with advice from folks here!

You need to think through your goals and then turn to any contacts who could steer you in the right...

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  • April 12, 2012
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  • Patrick V.


    Patrick V.

    Environmental regulatory compliance manager, safeguarding corporate confidence through regulatory expertise.

    1.Check out trade organizations. They can be great sources of information, they usually have a job board, many times they have student rates or events that are free for students, and they are great places to make connections
    2.Many of these groups have Facebook pages or Twitter feeds, so start following some of them.
    3.Sign up for an account at LinkedIn and start looking around for connections – teachers, people you talk to at meetings, book authors, whoever. I’ll be your first connection, if you like.
    4.Subscribe to job boards, both general ones and those that are specific for your area of interest.
    5.Set up a Google news feed for your area of interest or companies you’re interested in. This will feed you daily updates on news regarding that topic, which can help you know which companies might be doing something you’re interested in. It also helps keep you current in the industry.
    6.Don’t limit yourself when it comes to who you think you can work for. There are lots of companies and organizations other than the obvious ones you may already be thinking of that deal with the same topics and issues of interest to you that would also have very rewarding careers. Consulting firms, equipment and supply manufacturers, service companies, government, etc., they all represent opportunities for a great job.
    7. Most important - talk to people, lots of people, any people, and make them all aware your looking for a job!

  • Gillian L.


    Gillian L.

    Careers Web Editor at The Globe and Mail

    Great list!

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