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How do i wanna get saved images by using camera Intent in android ? Anyone can tell me pleae ? And i have used fileuri so how does it will identify the location of uri or images . plz help me ?

Senior Software Engineer

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  • July 24, 2012
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  • Ivan G.


    Ivan G.

    IT Engineer at IG Soft SIA

    First Question:
    On android version 2.3.5 You can use Button ON/OFF + Button Home. It's make new photo of screen.
    Other versions

    Second: Simplest way - move images into "drawable" directory and You get a direct access to the image's name. I'm not sure what It's enough.

  • Meena R.


    Meena R.

    Senior Software Engineer

    ^Ivan Gorbachov Thank you !

  • Shailesh J.


    Shailesh J.

    Sr.Software Engineer @ MYS Studios

    Uri uriSavedImage=Uri.fromFile(new File("/sdcard/flashCropped.png"));
    camera.putExtra("output", uriSavedImage);
    startActivityForResult(camera, 1);

    Use this code.


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