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How to detect when a word document is closed

Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

I have a page with a button on it. Clicking the button opens up a word document in MS Word from a document library. Users can edit the document, save, and close it. I need to detect that the word document is closed before the users can navigate from the page. I understand that I can use event recievers to look at the modified date of the document, but I also need this to work if users open the document and closes it without saving. Is there any event that I can use to detect when a word document is closed. I'm looking into short term locks that SharePoint utilizes when opening a document, but the locks aren't release when the document is closed, so I cannot use that as a reliable event to detect if the word document is closed. Any ideas?

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  • July 27, 2012
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  • Mark J.


    Mark J.

    Founder Collaboris,, SP24, O365.Technology, SPBiz

    Top Contributor

    Wouldn't have thought a browser app could detect the state of a windows app, without some form of trusted ActiveX control. You may be able to do something to other way from Word to the browser / sharepoint.

  • Dennis F.


    Dennis F.

    Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

    Your correct, browsers cannot detect the state of a windows client without an ActiveX control. That's why I said, I'm looking for events (implicitly or explicitly) generated from MS Word, that sharepoint/browser could utilize. I've looked into using VSTO as well, but the deployment process is something I'm not willing to do. Currently I'm looking into XBAP file to act as a handle to a Word document. I'm not sure if it will work because it still runs under the browsers trust settings.