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Hi everyone, when you're too busy and need to hire someone to write a good quality 400+ word blog article where do you turn to? I've tried elance & odesk paying $30 with no luck. Thanks!

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  • Raleigh L.


    Raleigh L.

    Co-Founder & COO - PageLadder, Inc.

    Hey Carol check out I'm getting hight quality writing out if them for about $16 per 400 words. It really comes down to the instructions you give the writers though as far as quality goes but zerys has a good process and has helpful support for getting the most out of the writers. I too have had ugly experiences with the services you mentioned.

  • Scott C.


    Scott C.

    Leadership Development Consultant | Trainer | Speaker | Author

    What topic(s) are the articles?

  • Karri C.


    Karri C.

    B2B Social Marketer & Agent Provocateur at Leadtail

    We've recommended Mary Long ( to our clients (it's working out great!). She's helped them get their blogging program off the ground with a helpful mix of pure copywriting + editing + coaching.

    Also chatted Jill Rose at Landscape Creative ( while back. I've not had a chance to work with them directly, but was impressed by the work samples and background of Jill and her partner.

    Agree with Raleigh above - a lot of the outcome depends on giving clear input/instructions! Good luck!

  • GiGi K.


    GiGi K.

    Digital Marketing, Social Media,SEO 949-385-2216

    For a service, I've used in the past and had good luck. Go for the highest quality writers. If you aren't happy, they will re-do it or assign another writer.
    As mentioned before, you do have to give them good instructions.

  • Chris H.


    Chris H.

    Maker of MavSocial, Social Media Marketing Software for Business

    i have just subscribed to but haven't used them yet - we have had some good results from elance but you have to separate the wheat from the chaff. I am also talking to

  • Ben S W.

    Ben S

    Ben S W.

    Earnest and Optimistic Digital Creative

    If it's a possibility I always turn inward towards the organization. Content creation for blogs can't always be left to the marketing department, there are many other voices with better and different insight, and sometimes, more time!

  • Mary Y.


    Mary Y.

    Senior Marketing Communications Manager

    I've never found a lot of luck with services. I actually seek freelancers out on LinkedIn by doing searches on titles or skills. I reach out directly to see if they're open for new projects and see if they respond. I've had pretty good luck with this method, though it can be time-intensive. I've got a good network of 3 - 5 freelancers now.

  • Patti S.


    Patti S.

    Vice President, Marketing

    Good question. There are some good resources and options mentioned, which exactly what you need -- options. When we need help, the decision is based on the complexity of the topic and timing. We have had luck with services and sometimes we haven't. Same with freelancers and we often turn inward, when there is a fit and capacity to take on a writing assignment. Have lots of options available......

  • Catherine A.


    Catherine A.

    Marketing Communications Consultant, Corporate Marketing Services at Erie Insurance Group

    If turning inward to the organization doesn't work - or even if it does and you just need more - try Scripted or BrandPoint. We've used both and are happy.

  • Larry G.


    Larry G.

    Director of Marketing at Windward Reports, DocGen Software

    I've found BlogMutt to be a good source of writers. It's an online service with an easy interface, so fairly simple to set up. Better for when you have longer-term need (multiple posts) than just a one-off piece.

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