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Looking for good Scripts

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Hi everyone, I work in the offshore industry with robot minisubs - the industry is small and very unusual and, I feel, would lend itself to a very amusing TV or film script.

ROV Superintendent/Supervisor at Freelance

Whilst the industry has gained a lot of serious TV coverage via Nat Geo and similar, for stuff like Titanic, BP oil spill, Kirsk and aircraft wreck recovery, there is a whole other unseen side to the job. It combines virtually every scenario you could imagine, and many you could not.

From the initial decision to enter the industry to achieving any kind of status within it, your life becomes a roller coaster of emotions and experiences, some sad some funny, some just bloody frightening.
Working anywhere in the world, as required, simple everyday routines become confused due to different cultures, ethics, beliefs and general expectations of ability.

The people you meet, work and socialise with are constantly changing and throw up some incredible scenarios, sometimes dark, usually funny and often unbelievable.

That said the problem is I would not know where to start to write a script - but have loads of experience, ideas and scenes.

Anyone fancy a chat about this?



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  • August 8, 2011
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  • Hedley A.


    Hedley A.

    Head of Media

    Always up for a chat, though it kind of sounds like a Boffin, nerd and top gun pilot trapped on a boat and using the minisubs to spy on women. "Shit after six months I'd shag anything on this boat, well except Bob". Could be played for comedy, action or a mix. Though the subject quite rightly lends itself to a serious documentary series as well.
    Feel free to drop me a line.