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[Rated #1 in Marketing] The Social Media Marketing Group

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Hi all! What do you think are the latest developments in Social Media?

Senior Social Media Executive at Enhance Media Ltd

How do you best keep up to date with social media news?

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  • July 25, 2012
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  • Paramita D.


    Paramita D.

    SMM expert in B2C and B2B

    Hi Jasmine
    According to me in this highly competitive environment, it is difficult to survive by banking on just one method of marketing. A comprehensive marketing strategy that encompasses all
    customer groups is of paramount importance in charting a company’s
    future. Thus proper emphasis should
    be given to a variety of marketing channels. Businesses are looking beyond conventional mediums to promote their
    product. The digital media revolution and the ease of internet
    connectivity have tilted the balance in favour of digital or social
    media marketing. With growing number of
    customers going online and preferring e-market places over a
    traditional brick and mortar store, having a well-balanced social
    media marketing presence is the need of the hour. Thus social media plays a very important role for marketing, advertising etc. If a business aims to reach out to a large no of customers and consumers for promoting its products and services then facebook and twitter and similar social sites provide a great platform and present the perfect opportunity. It also helps to connect personally with existing and prospective customers to gather feedback and different demands and opinions and utilise the benefits of viral marketing.

  • Darlene N.


    Darlene N.

    IBNFC Certified Nutrition Coach at Venice Nutrition

    Here's a FREE 7 part video series to give you an idea of where to start!
    click on this link, it helped me out ALOT!!


  • Jeremiah H.


    Jeremiah H.

    Community Manager @Motivaction

    Look for the latest book of Dave Kerpen about Social Media! Very interesting!