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Daniel H.


Have you seen Cathryn Sloane’s statement about social media managers yet? Do you think younger, or older employees should manage your brand’s social media presence? Why?

Growth Manager, Social Media at /newsrooms, a Content Social Media Marketing Firm | Co-Founder at

22 Sunday Jul 2012 ...

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  • July 22, 2012
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  • Danny B.


    Danny B.

    Director of Date Of Birth - Creative Design and Brand Communications

    Hi Daniel

    Frankly, Catherine has missed the boat completely and made herself sound like a jumped up little twerp in the process unfortunately. Without reading the comments on her post (yet) I'm sure she'll have some very interesting responses that will challenge her less than learned outburst.

    Being there to ride the social media wave when it originally started does not automatically place you as a social media expert.

    Firstly, if you've been socially successful through social media - that's great! But that does not make you an expert in managing, consulting and advising on social media in a commercial sense.

    Social media has it's intricacies. However in terms of a corporate marketing strategy, it is a communication channel just like any other. And I mean, that in order to utilise it properly as part of a communication strategy you need to understand what it is, how it works, how people interact and engage through it and how that can be measured to test and improve on - just like any other marketing communication channel.

    However, we're looking at the micro here. Like any communication manager, a successful social media manager needs to understand people and their behaviour (their target audience in particular), how brands work and engage with people, corporate communications as whole i.e. vision and goals + tone of voice and language etc. They must also be intuitive and creative, especially if they are involved in creating and driving social media campaigns.

    All of this comes from experience in both life and business. Social media in a corporate sense is just that - A direction to achieve a business goal instructed from the company, delivered in the most natural, open, engaging and social way possible, that fits with the brand and all of it's stakeholders.

    If you can show knowledge and experience in delivering this, then age shouldn't be an issue.

    I've added this comment to your blog about too.

  • Daniel H.


    Daniel H.

    Growth Manager, Social Media at /newsrooms, a Content Social Media Marketing Firm | Co-Founder at

    Thanks for your comment Danny!

    Cathryn received a lot of criticism from Industry leaders with that post, which is why I felt I needed to write this one: I felt like her post damaged my reputation as a young professional, and needed to show that I don’t agree with her. I need to get back on the industry’s good side!

    Great comment! I agree, using social media personally, compared to business purposes, is not the same. I’ve done both, and I know for a fact that using it for a business purpose requires a lot more work, time, and dedication than using it to like your friends and family’s photos.

    I appreciate your comment Danny!