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Nicole F.


E-book sales slowing?

Children's Digital Book Author, Educator, Publisher, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Project Manager @ LucaLashes.com

Interesting article here from Digital Book World. I personally don't believe there is a slow down, just the market playing catch-up.

A wave of middling e-book news in the past several weeks is in contrast to the usual positive narrative: a dark cloud on the horizon or just a blip on the radar?

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  • May 13, 2012
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  • Bill G.


    Bill G.


    Top Contributor


    What is your distinction between "a slow down" and "the market playing catch-up"?

    Everything tends to happen more slowly than the most avid observers expect and faster than the curmudgeon stick in the muds. Further, as markets become more older, they grow more slowly as a percentage of previous sales, just like babies grow more quickly than ten years olds as a percentage of height and weight.

    Part of this is, I think, that eReaders and tablets are less than wonderful for anything but straight read throughs without annotating. Partially it's that tablets -- the Kindle Fire is considered a tablet -- force reading to compete with other media.

    One solution could be the cheap tablet. Another could be the better tablet. But since Amazon announced its first Kindle is only 4 years.

  • Claudia Hall C.

    Claudia Hall

    Claudia Hall C.

    Author specializing in great stories about good people in tough situations

    Hi Nicole,

    I think that's an excellent question that we should all be asking. We were publishing eBooks and books prior to what industry pros call the "eBook spring" (spring 2011). Like everyone, we were stunned at how many books we sold that spring. And yes, sales have slowed.

    It's our assessment that the "eBook spring" had more to do with the creation, distribution, and affordability of eBook readers early last year. The iPad was released around this time as well. We theorize that the increased sales in eBook readers could also have a bit to do with the increase in tax returns, but we have no one-to-one data on that.

    It's our belief that the market is stabilizing because most early users have already purchased their devices. We believe the market will continue to grow as there is an increase in:
    1. Availability in quality books (which we see)
    2. More affordable and available eReaders
    3. The larger stock market driven publishers get more eBook friendly.

    As with every new trend, there is always a dip before the 'masses' pick up new technology. We believe this dip will either happen this year or next. For us, we've committed to being in electronic books for the long haul.



  • Chris

    Chris C.

    Co-Owner/Marketing Director at Laurens Publishing

    Perhaps there is simply an unsustainable peak starting late December and extending into the first part of each year. As everyone gets their new eReading device and gift cards for Christmas, they are more likely to use those gifts to purchase media. As the novelty wears off and gift cards run out, the sales slip until the next holiday rush.

    Or course, recent headlines of price-fixing are likely to leave readers with a sour taste towards the publishing industry. That would be very difficult to actually track and credit to the slow-down, but it is worth considering.

  • Claudia Hall C.

    Claudia Hall

    Claudia Hall C.

    Author specializing in great stories about good people in tough situations

    Chris - I think that's an excellent point. We've heard from authors/publishers with 8,000+ books.They find a massive rush to purchase when they release a book, then it slows.

    So I think you're onto something with the idea of tracking the purchase of eReaders and release of books.

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