Connecting with Insurance Agents

Connecting with Insurance Agents

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Do you need a mentor? My name is Eric Somers. I have been in the life insurance industry for over 40 years. I probably would not have survived this long without a mentor.

President at Creative Financial Concepts

At the age of 20 with a college degree in teaching, I thought I had my life mapped out. Starting off as a new teacher, I could barely survive. The pay was not there. When I met my wife, her father, like any other, wanted to make sure his daughter would be taken care of financially. As a manager for the John Hancock, he suggested that I try the life insurance industry. He promised to take me under his wing and teach me the business that would allow me to make a good living as well as to change the lives of others. Without that door being opened, I probably would not have gone into the life insurance business.

My father-in-law not only turned me into a great agent but also turned me into a great mentor. After he passed away, I opened my own life insurance agency and have mentored a lot of agents over the years, including two of my children. Some agents became superstars and some didn’t. A mentor can offer guidance, support and motivation, but you need to commit to the hard work and dedication necessary in our business.

Everyone in this industry needs someone to believe in them. I was blessed to have a mentor who stuck by me, taught me, guided me and helped me achieve success.

It is time for me to pay it forward. If you are an agent who is passionate about this industry and wants to make it, but can’t find a mentor, I am offering one to you free of charge. Let me know if I can help and if you are serious about your career, give me a call. My number is 800-776-1232.

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  • August 21, 2012
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  • Whitney B.


    Whitney B.

    Independent Advisor at Cardinal Advisors

    That's a great story and so refreshing to hear how you are willing to pay it forward. I am following my Father's footsteps in the life insurance world and it is definitely not an easy career. I will keep you in mind if I need another mentor. Thank you for being so willing to help others!

  • Christopher L.


    Christopher L.

    Marketing VP at The Producers Network

    Ditto on Whitney comments, Thanks

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