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Tom L.


Do you agree with Kevin Casey's take?

Digital Content Manager at American Consumer Shows

If I skip Windows 8, some folks say I'm losing the appealing opportunity to synchronize all of my devices on a single platform. Color me skeptical.

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  • October 12, 2012
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  • Janet O.


    Janet O.

    Social Media Consultant | Social Media Manager | Facebook Timeline | Mobile for Business | Public Speaker | Voice Over

    I find it best not to jump on any bandwagon at the beginning of a new piece of technology because past experience tells me that people will have problems. By waiting a year or 2 to allow the kinks to be removed, I have avoided many headaches. As far as all this synchronizing? Not a Fan. Soon after this release Microsoft has Windows 8rt. What then?

  • Tom L.


    Tom L.

    Information Technology Consultant, Web Developer, SEO & Social Media Specialist

    What do folks mean by synchronize? Syncing data across apps isn't a problem. Open document formats have improved compatibility and there are good connectors otherwise e.g., Google Apps Sync for MS Outlook.

    If they need the same UI across OS's then stick with one. If they want the same UI for their apps, there are good options. Google Apps and Chrome Browser work well in Windows, iOS, Android, OSx and Linux. There are also indications Microsoft will release Office for Apple and Android early next year -

    Folks have been plenty smart enough to juggle different OS, Apps and devices up until now. What they will lose if they try to use the same OS on all their devices is the ability to choose the best of breed device and OS combination.