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Roberta P.


Disney, Apple stores article

Vice-President Business Development at Fresh Juice Global

More and more major brands are copying the Apple Store. How can you learn from their success and re-imagine your customers experience?

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  • June 27, 2012
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  • Heather B.


    Heather B.

    Head of Cinema Sales

    Great article!!

  • Adam I.


    Adam I.

    Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer


  • Mary S.


    Mary S.

    Housekeeping at Walt Disney World

    How true! I used to work retail and had a heck of a time convincing management that the way to compete with online sales, which they were clearly afraid of, was to remember that shopping is entertainment. I used to get as frustrated as the customers did when I was expected to treat the customers as something to be exploited with a "take no prisoners" attitude and to never believe that "No" meant "No." When I was left unsupervised in the store, my sales always went up because I could entertain the people who wanted to chat and back off of those who did not welcome the attention before they left the store in disgust due to my hovering over them because I was under so much pressure to pressure them.

    I understand why the Apple employees want more money. Everybody wants more money. However, the no-commission system probably benefits them as well. In an environment where who gets credit for the sale is the most important thing, every employee is out to serve themselves and therefore no one is serving the customer. This makes for an ugly work environment where everybody dreads going to work.

  • Kevin W.


    Kevin W.

    Founder at DNA Association & Conference

    The Disney store new model differs greatly because of the involvement of Steve and the Apple retail team - that came on-board with the PIXAR merger. That said their has been some issue with the success of the Disney Store new concept as it seems to have been a slow burn, rather than a major success. There is talk that with the visionary gone, some of the more revolutionary departures have been watered down - the whole e-POS aspect of the venues has diminished in scope, and the whole 'retail experience' has not wowed the audience as much as was hoped. Remember this was meant o be a $2m refit per store - now watered down to a tenth of this.

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