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Demo of New Utility to Optimize Oracle SQL Execution Efficiency

Certified Oracle DBA and TDWI Certified Data Warehouse Architect


This is an introduction to a new utility that maximizes Oracle SQL
execution efficiency and decrease’s execution run times. A SQL query
that is executing in minutes is reformulated using specially developed
Optimum SQL execution utility histograms, density factors and algorithms
and now executes in seconds.
The methodology and approach taken by this product to maximize Oracle
SQL efficiency is unique and revolutionary, no other product in the market
has taken this approach. It maximizes SQL efficiency at the back end not
the front end like most other products.It is a product that can be used
by any version of the oracle database that uses the cost based optimizer.
This product can increase the SQL efficiency of any application using the
Oracle database software.

Please view our youtube presentation that explain the architecture
and revolutionary approach taken by this product with an actual demonstration
against an Oracle Database.

Heap Table Numeric column Test

Heap Table Varchar2 column Test

This utility works with all database versions from 9i to 11g .
It also works against all oracle object types including
partitioned segments, materialized views, IOT's and heap tables.

We are now looking for DBA's willing to test this new utility.
Free trial copies of this utility will be supplied to all interested DBA's
or companies.

Please contact us at the OptiWarehouze Corporation through linkedin
or by e*mail

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  • December 6, 2011
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