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Delta E value of a color sensor

Application & Sales Engineer at Turck India Automation

Hello Everybody!! Recently I came across an application where customer was using spectrometer for color identification. He is currently searching for a sensor with Delta E value less than 1. Colud anybody guide me on this that what exactly do we mean by Delta E value of a color sensor?

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  • January 24, 2013
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  • Nate B.


    Nate B.

    Corporate Automation Analyst at Conifex Timber Inc.

    "Delta-E is a mathematical description of the distance
    between two colors. It provides a measurement of both hue
    and density changes. To calculate the delta-E of two colors,
    their L*a*b* values are required. Delta-E is the distance
    between the two points in the L*a*b* color space. "

    This is from

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