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Bersek is a system for encryption of messages, based on modified One Time Pad (OTP) algorythm.

Practically this is a hybrid system using elements of object-related encryption.Bersek is a transitory project towards the contemporary forms of convertion fo the information flows,as the abstract-matrix or volume-related encryption.

In the basic version of the product,a model offered by Gilbert Verman and Joseph Mauborgne is used,but the random numbers are replaced with “information objects", which simplifies the process of formation of the encryption key.

The use of information objects allows the increasing of the level of abstraction. In this way there is no need for a random character of the key used.

Any randomly chosen information carrier can be an object. This can be a text document with a random length, video, an extract from a musical performance, television report, digital image, parts from the content of a web site, medical means, chemical compound or something that you hardly would accept to be an encryption key.
With Bersek the encryption key has a length which is different from the one of the encrypted message. It is possible to use an encryption key with length over 2,5 TByte (Long String Key - LSK) without it ever affecting the speed of the conversions performed.
Another specific of the product is the possibility to unite in one several different physical and/or logical channels for information transfer. This approach makes the change of the message very hard in case it is caught by an unauthorized user.
The encryption procedure is completely automated. This guarantees the high reliability of the process and reduces to a minimum the chance of a human mistake.

Bersek allows generation of encrypted messages, with which it uses a modified type of steganographic encryption (tachographic encryption) in combination with OTP.
The encryption model that is used in the professional versions of the product can be used as an alternative to the TAN-codes (Transaction Authentication Numbers) and the mTAN codes (mobile TANs)
In contrast to other systems, using one time passwords, Bersek does not succumb to fishing attacks, like te ones in 2005 and 2006, in Switzxerland and the USA
In the development of Bersek, the requirements of the standards RFC 2289 and RFC 4226 (HOTP) are met.

Area of application

The product can be used from separate physical entities, as well as from companies and organizations. It is suitable for operative encryption of critical information.

The product has its own module for print regulation, e-mail etc.

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  • November 6, 2012
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