Reputation Management in eCommerce

Reputation Management in eCommerce

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Joakim D.


Companies fight back against negative comments online

Content marketing specialist

"The faster you react to the customer the better chance you’re going to have to get that customer to remove their negative review because they see you take their comments and their feedback seriously".
Does this sound familiar to your reputation management tasks?

The next time you hop on an online review site and leave negative comments for a company, Tweet or Facebook about your disastrous dining experience,...

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  • April 11, 2012
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  • Axel S.


    Axel S.

    Founder Society3 Accelerator, Society3 Ventures

    Headline and content of your post is really really sad
    It is like a war between consumer and company. There is a huge discrepancy between bad reputation and complains. If I'm not happy with something I say so and hope the company will fix it.

    This is not a 'fight' and there is no need to 'fight back' this is a process of learning and through social media we all learn much faster.

    And not all learning is successful but that is a different story. But hoping a consumer would "remove" a comment to leave it a nice a splendid looking site is as unrealistic and negative as it can get. Would you buy from a company where everything is just wonderful, beautiful and flawless? If yes, as a woman you probably try to find Ken to marry and as a boy I guess you are looking for barbie ;)

  • Joakim D.


    Joakim D.

    Content marketing specialist

    Glad the headline made you jump to the keyboard, Axel.

    I agree that reputation management should neither be a fight or a way to decorate your brand. Having said that, it's my experience that a lot of companies still live in "Barbieland" and strive to polish their brand and overall reputation without realizing the most important thing: Reputation is all in the eye of the beholder - you can't avoid scratches from time to time, and you can't just erase mistakes done in the past.

  • Keven E.


    Keven E.

    Vice President Marketing at Integrity Vehicle Solutions - IVSC

    I believe that many companies miss the point when it comes to reputation management. A few complaints do not degrade an online brand or business. Its the popularity of the sites that house these complaints that rank in search that can have an adverse effect on their business.

    By responding to an online complaint, it can provide more online awareness and can generate more popularity for a complaint thread. This can be detrimental or thwart your reputation management efforts. Companies need to be very careful to pick and choose their online "battles" so that they can control create positive messaging for page one results.

    The reputation management war is won by strategy, not by responding to each and every customer complaint.