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CPV Systems

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I would like to know your opinion regarding the market potential of the CPV Technology.
My question is consequence of the tendency of the decreasing in technologic developments and markets of the conventional PV, as a reductions of the FIT in some of the Europe countries.
thank you

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  • November 6, 2012
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  • Agostinho Miguel G.

    Agostinho Miguel

    Agostinho Miguel G.

    Principal consultant at SunBD - Sun Business Development

    Not much to be said actually. CPV has no longer a business model that sets it apart from conventional PV. The current cost of PV is beyond reach already and CPV only may have an advantage in really good DNI regions which usually fall short of the necessary difference between GHI and DNI. CPV is not disptachable at a lower cost when storage is added unlike CSP and so again CPV is just as intermittent as PV. Apart from some more technical issues which make CPV even less attractive the supply chain is weak and the number of players scarce.
    Good thing: fresnel lenses are not that good for concentration of energy and Solfocus works on the lower limits of what Non Imaging Optics can do for CPV, so there is a way out that may be better than the current position.
    Feel free to reach me for further information. Shalom

  • Ella S.


    Ella S.

    Online Video Advertising & Digital Media Ads consulting

    Thank you for the answer, Agostinho.
    I'm not quite sure that the CPV projects lack of ability to become a serious player in the word renewable energy market, especially, when you comparing the CPV / PV % efficiency to the project costs per W.
    Desejo-lhe tudo de bom

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