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Dr Sarah

Bullying in organizations - How do we better detect bullying before it's too late?


With an increase in bullying behaviours reported in the workplace, organizations need to be on the front foot when it comes to being able to accurately detect likely trouble spots or bullying behavior that's not being reported. Does anyone have any ideas as to how bullying behaviors could be detected earlier on ?

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  • November 11, 2012
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  • Sreedevi N.


    Sreedevi N.

    Manager - PreSales and Marketing

    As Brian said, detecting could be little difficult. But educating people to talk about it to concerned authority would be a starting step.

  • Kimberly H.


    Kimberly H.

    Clinical Research Manager, Sports Medicine, UC College of Medicine

    I am actually working on my masters project - looking at how to identify a destructive leader during the hiring process. I have posted it as a discussion on several LinkedIn groups but I am not getting a great response.

    Any suggestions?

  • Grace O.


    Grace O.

    Solar Industry Leader - Research, Marketing, Communications

    Dear Dr. Ogilvie,
    You have a good question. Although there could be several actions to take to identify the problems, I think before going into the detail, organizationally, the first thing that needs to take place is to ensure that the Leadership of the organization understands what is bullying and how it adversely impacts the organization. I estimate that this isn't done nor is it emphasized upon, otherwise companies/institutions would have protected themselves and their people from these cases. Of course this awareness process of the executives would take some time and practise. Once the topic is truly understood and recognized, then organizational dissemination and execution on "Bullying Prevention" can be done. It starts with respecting every and any individual and this is valid for the whole society. Though companies can be more successful in advance by promoting and demonstrating their values on interpersonal relationships. In otherwords they can't preach something and then act in another way.
    I think this is a rather larger issue than "spot the signs and take action" type of an issue. All the best.
    p.s. In a world environment where the strictest realities are being denied, we must ensure that bullying is recognized as a problem first of all.

  • Scott H.


    Scott H.

    CEO at Holcomb Enterprises

    Destructive persons, weather in employer or employee, operate on the fear that 'bullying" brings to their victims. A bully is, by definition, destructive. Where the spiral begins to exceed the social norm is a reflection of the social norm. Many "bully" behaviors are not just intolerable but are criminal with extreme penalties. Yet, elsewhere the behavior is not bullying but expected - "Honor Killings" How early is this extreme disapproved in any of its variations.

  • Catherine E.


    Catherine E.

    Regional Director/Executive Team/Manager/ ICWA/Tribal TANF/Business & Economic Development

    Kimberly Hasselfeld where is it posted, I would love to visit and participate in that conversation!

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