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  • November 21, 2012
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  • Sergiy K.


    Sergiy K.

    Inventor in Rotor Blade Design-HAWT Optimization & Rotary-wing Upgrade

    I'm looking for someone who is interested to develop the below.
    By use my invention it is possible to enhance the productivity of wind farms by at least 15-20 % before they will achieve a rated power thanks to newly designed blades. Each section of these blades has an additional impulse. The power coefficient Cp at this method is the nearest to the Betz' limit. As known from blade theory the more the airflow deflection behind an airfoil section, the more the driving force of wind turbine in whole. Leading edge slats installed at the roots of blades of horizontal - axis wind turbines allow to reach that. The additional impulses ensure to increase a number of rounds per time unit by wind turbine within speed-in and rated wind speed. After the rated power has been achieved, the rounds will be constant like at the prototype. For example, there is developed wind turbine with rated output power 100 kW at the appropriate wind speed of 13 m/s. Start up of this wind turbine is at 3 m/s. Straighten root area of blades (0-0 through X-X cross-sections), while the remainder zone is with its own relative twist angle. Install slats within named sections. What do we watch? First of all, start up of this turbine will be at lower wind speed compared to a prototype, at 2-2,5 m/s. Rated power of that wind turbine can be reached already at the wind speed of 10 m/s. This invention is working within named winds: cut-in and rated ones. That is enough I think, because not often the winds blow at which designed the prototype of wind turbine taken as example above.
    This invention was filed on March, 1995 and published on February, 2000, bulletin 1.

  • Daniel S.


    Daniel S.

    Technical Manager at FESMC Energy Services

    email me at I would be happy to discuss your deisgns and see if we can implement them into our wind turbines.
    Daniel Sidor

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    $BLDW ~News Out...Sales contract, the first in a series of...Building Turbines Announces the Award of the First, in a Series of Sales Contracts, Well in Excess of a Quarter Million Dollar. ~ Thursday 29 November 2012

    Building Turbines, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: BLDW), a designer and manufacturer of patented, innovative commercial rooftop wind turbine systems, issued a statement today that within less than a month of Paul Getty joining Building Turbines team, BLDW has received a contract from Stone Capital Partners, for the sale of 10 of their model BT 5000 turbines, currently invoiced at $270,625.

    The turbines will be installed on "The Physicians Center" building on one of Houston's busiest, high visibility corridors, Loop 610. John Graham, CEO of Building Turbines, commented: "Adding Paul to the team was one of the best business decisions we have made. This is just the first in a long list of sales that Paul is in process of bringing us."

    The city of Houston is looking forward to working with Stone Capital Partners, and helping them to create a greener Houston with this new LEED certified project. The Physicians Center will be the bench mark for state of the art Green Energy buildings in Houston, TX. It is a 6 story, 125,000 square-foot building located directly across from Memorial Hermann Hospital. They will be the first building to utilize all LED interior lighting, revolutionary roofing materials, the highest E-rated windows and R-rated insulation available, according to Robert Day.

    Robert Day, of Stone Capital Partners, stated: "With the tax incentives and certifications available, we are looking at putting Building Turbines on all of our future energy efficient buildings. With the 15% in potential energy savings, $1.80 per square foot property tax reduction; as well as, a 30% federal tax credit, and an additional 50% accelerated depreciation write off in the first year, these units will pay for themselves. I can't believe everyone is not taking advantage of the Building Turbines wind power solution for green electricity
    Paul Getty, with Building Turbines, Inc., commented: "I am very excited to be working with Building Turbines, Inc. on developing various marketing verticals that can benefit from this state of the art product. We see an international opportunity for this technology and plan to capitalize on it. It is not often that you can be involved in a business opportunity for shareholders and at the same time play an important part in environmental conservation."

    For information on installing turbines in your area please contact:
    About Building Turbines, Inc.

    Based in Austin, Texas, Building Turbines, Inc. is a renewable energy company focused primarily on designing, manufacturing and deploying patented revolutionary rooftop mounted, horizontal-axis wind turbines that can bring the dream of clean, affordable wind energy to a reality. The turbines are mounted on a strong steel frame, with a low rooftop signature, requiring minimal maintenance, and generating almost no noise or vibration.

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    Building Turbines' New Partner ATG-LED, Announces Sale of Approximately $250,000 to Physicians Center Project, in Houston, TX ~

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