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Angela G.


Being Successful Entrepreneur – What is the best strategy to being successful entrepreneur? We have all tried and failed at something in life. Are you staring at the computer right now questioning if you can be a successful...

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  • June 27, 2012
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  • Jannet S.


    Jannet S.

    Editor at Online Issues

    I agree with you, Angela. The best strategy is 'Don't give up'. A mistake is not a failure, it's a possibility to become stronger, wiser, and better. I prefer making my own mistakes and learning on them (although some may say that it's not too wise).
    Another feature necessary for a successful entrepreneur is the desire to learn and improve himself - professionally and personally. Hope to become successful 100%.

  • James H.


    James H.

    Inspirational and Motivational Speaker at SpeakingCompassion

    For me, it took a huge mindset change (I won't buzz you with buzzwords I don't always understand!) I had to really come to grips that I feared success much more than I feared failure. Once that was accomplished, I was able to use a passion I already have, a lot of gumption and self-promotion. Success is happening now, and I'm finally ready to embrace it.

    More on a practical level, I have been downloading podcast readers to my Android phone and searching terms like "marketing" "selling" "success" "publicity". I listen to a podcast whenever I have a few minutes and it's been extremely helpful to me.

    Best of luck! Connect if you like.

    James Hofheins
    Chief Compassion Officer,
    Speaking Compassion
    (801) 654-4077

  • Marja B.


    Marja B.

    Business and High Performance Coach endlessly curious about people will help you boost your profits and have more fun!

    Great article Angela and I enjoyed your insights Jannet and James.

    My biggest paradigm shift in terms of a successful business strategy was to focus on building a lifestyle that worked for me and structure my business around that. In my first attempt at business my focus was on building the business and when it really started to take off, I realized that it consumed me and I didn't have a life anymore. And although I love what I do, there is more to life than that and more things that I find important. Like family time, traveling etc.

    So then I tried to figure out how to focus on my preferred lifestyle and build my business around it. And it was struggle and hard to figure out. But eventually it was absolutely worth it.

  • Nikki

    Nikki E.

    Independent Charity Sales Executive

    I have/had the same problem James fear of success rather than failure!

    I also agree my lifestyle is important as that reflects on the business and how it all comes together, currently a work in progress.

  • Ciaran W.


    Ciaran W.

    Author of 'How Companies Really Grow' at Ciaran Walsh, Business Advisor and Author

    If what you set out to do isn't working, try something else. Your potential or existing customers will indicate why they are not buying from you. You need to engage with customers from the moment you start-up and continue to do so for the life of your business.

  • Allison B.


    Allison B.

    Business Coach | Speaker | Spiritual Entrepreneur | Marketing/Sales Mentor helping Consultants/Coaches/CPAs etc

    I agree with lifestyle being critical as well. I coach so many biz owners who are flat out busy. Making money for certain, but they've not set up their biz to match the lifestyle they truly want to experience. So they go on vacation with a laptop and cell phone doing biz in between fun (for example).

    And I totally agree with the mindset shift (combating fears and other thinking flaws). As the saying goes, "90% of success is what's happening between the ears." I'm constantly studying success from all angles, listening to audios, watching videos, having a constant reminder of what is possible (because so much IS possible).

    Ironically I created a brief 4min movie for entrepreneurs years ago (http://ow.ly/anL3v) purely out of my own struggles from my earlier entrepreneurial days. It's a reminder that everyone goes through ups and downs and that, despite that, everyone can achieve precisely the level of success they want.

    Aside from mindset, strategically we must also strive to become crystal clear on the marketing, sales, structures, and other skills/actions required to create a thriving business. Too many entrepreneurs are shooting from the hip vs approaching their biz with a clear action plan to create consistent (vs sporadic) success.

  • Michael L.


    Michael L.

    Co-founder and CEO at Lighting OEM - We help our customers make money, save money, reduce their hassles and headaches

    Allison, loved your movie!!! Gave me chills. :-)

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