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Gerald K.


Are you lacking a Proactive Approach towards Business Development?

Peak Performance 866-816 0991 Request CEO Kit

Are you lacking a Proactive Approach towards Business Development?

Has Anemic Sales Behavior taken hold?

See the Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Management below.
Business Owners, Presidents and Sales Managers:Have you been questioning your approach toward business development? Is there a correllation between your approach and lackluster results?

In an economy infested with contracting capital budgets, cynical decision-makers, and sales professionals with poor outlook and morale, managing (changing) yourself, your company and your sales people is critical to your bottom line.
In an extreme environment, Presidents, Business Owners and CEO’s often fail to implement and enforce change. Instead they resort to extreme behavior!
Which of the following common but ineffective and costly sales management approaches have you unknowingly been using?
1. Accept the excuse that the poor sales performance is a result of the poor economy, and wait out the storm rather than implementing real change to increase sales.
2. Although a victim of expensive turnover, you continue to hire using the same criteria believing that your sales superstar is just around the corner!
3. Decide against supporting the existing sales people, and opt to compound your problem by hiring more of them!
4. Succumb to the complaints of the sales team “I have knowone to call”, resulting in an increase in money spent on marketing and advertising, yet you have not dealt with the problem of low closing ratios.
5. Implement attractive bonus plans in an attempt to “Motivate”your sales team to meet quotas without first removing attitudinal barriers or changing their approach.
6. Continue to use the same approach, same advice and same method of motivating your team, yet wonder why results don’t improve!
7. Back off of your complacent sales team so as not to rock the boat.
If you want a change in your bottom line, you must implement change! Call Peak Performance today at 610-878-9400 for immediate information on how to get back on track. Failure to explore options is acceptance of ststus quo!
These often used and highly ineffective approaches to the problems that arise in the world of sales cost you time, money and quite often turnover.
How much are these common problems costing you?
There is a direct correlation between how effective you are with regards to Hiring, Managing, Motivating and advising your sales people and your current level of productivity.
Take our CEO Diagnostic; this complimentary tool is being provided to you, the CEO, President, Business Owner or Sales Manager who must maintain a profitable bottom line regardless of economic or market conditions.
This Confidential Sales Management Analysis will allow you to immediately determine gaps in your Sales/Sales Management effectiveness.
To identify the root cause of failure and begin the process of reducing these costly problems visit:
To request online specific information please visit

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