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Any Zend Frameworkers / API developers fancy helping a lost sheep?

Senior Developer at Optimus Performance Marketing

Firstly, apologies for the use of linkedin to ask for coding help - I suspect this isn't the platform for such things. (But I don't have an account on a forum and thought i'd try here)

I've written a RESTful API in PHP, Zend Framework. But for some reason When I json_encode my data model that I wish to pass, all I get on the other side is:


It should be passing 5 rows here ... so that bit is correct.. though there should actually be some data.

If I dump my object I can see all the data (So I know it's being retrieved and saved correctly)

Here's some code:

//Grabs the data model
$leaderboard = $leaderboardMapper->fetchAllUser(1, $managers, 'day');
//Dumps the data model for testing (which works)
//encodes the data model and sets the correct response code.
//ends my getAction

Again, I suspect I am incorrectly using this platform (linkedin) .. but any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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  • July 29, 2012
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  • David S.


    David S.

    Senior Developer at Optimus Performance Marketing

    Got a stackoverflow account and had it answered.


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