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Announcement from Leadership Think Tank

Health & Lifestyle Coach - Network Marketing Professional

Dear Leadership Think Tank Members,

You may have noticed some changes in the group other the week-end, which I believe will enhance the Leadership Think Tank group on Linkedin and other the web. Linkedin has offered me to launch the limited release of a new feature, "Open Group discussion", with few of their top groups. What does this mean for you and for the group?

- For you : your future discussions to be viewed, shared and discovered online (your past discussions remain in a members only archive in the search function) as well as having it discussed/responded by people who may not be members. So you will have more answers, more participations, more followers. You will be able to share conversation across Linkedin group, on Facebook or Twitter, on email or blogs and have people participating directly in the conversation.

For the group : I believe that public discussions will be a great way to grow our members, share discussions across social media and increase the participation

You may have noticed as well a change in the group logo, this is also something planned... I think that nothing happened just like that!

Why? Other the past months, I have seen many great ideas on the Leadership Think Tank forum, I have seen a need for people to go another level, something deeper, I have seen conversations requesting more interaction, I have seen conversations asking for more practice, not jut theory. This telling me that some people who have joined the group are looking for more, and some people are willing to give more. So I guess this means that the group is becoming mature. Yes! we will always have people who join the group and stay at a surface level, I guess time will come for them to decide what they want to do, grow within the group spirit or being banished.

Our challenge is to find good people to help us accomplish that goal, because gathering a successful community of people is not only helpful, it's necessary to the pursue of this goal.

So to guide you in this daunting task of picking the right people to join the Leadership Think Tank, I invite you to read the Rules of the Group.

Remember, building a good community will be one of our most challenging tasks but It will reap us multiple rewards for a long time to come.

However, with great power come great responsibilities, so it is our responsibilities to make sure we keep the quality of the content, we keep the quality of the relationship, we keep the quality of the membership.

So now I think that beyond ideas, when action are being taken, we can make change, is that not the purpose of leadership or leaders : "Inspiring and managing change", so maybe now I will see more discussions about how these ideas will inspire action, and how they will inspire change in you, in your business, in your organization, and in your life.

Having said that, I would like to ask you for suggestions on topics you’d like to see discussed in the group now that it has become public. These conversations could become series and have interest of thousand of people, who knows we may start to initiate change.

We're pursuing our relationship with Meet The Boss.tv which I'm sure will improve in the coming weeks for more contents and discussion. I hope more of you will see the benefit of this new way of learning, of educating ourselves, some people in the group have already found it a great tool and are using it effectively, so feel free to register here : http://www.meettheboss.tv/Register/Default.aspx?promotioncode=LEADTT01

And personally, I wish for each one of you a life of wealth, health, and happiness; a life in which you give to yourself the gift of patience, the virtue of reason, the value of knowledge, and the influence of faith in your ability to dream about and achieve worthy rewards, and if I can be a small contributor, I will be deeply honored.

Expect Success,

Olivier Madel-Felicite

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  • December 6, 2010
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  • Kirk John L.

    Kirk John

    Kirk John L.

    Writer, Self Published at None

    Olivier, (if I may address you?)
    Have you taken into consideration the recent FCC regulatory decision to enforce the Fairness Doctrine within this discussion? I am sure that LinkedIn is seriously looking into this, because the Fairness Doctrine also carries with it legal ramifications not only for LinkedIn but also all users.

    The FCC, the Justice Department, and all Federal Law enforcement agencies can now screen these discussion for words or phrases that can and will be held as questionable to a citizens loyalty to the country under Homeland Security Rules.

    That means questions toward or about certain members of government are now acts or treason on the part of the citizens of the US.

    The secret is not with the Fairness Doctrine itself, the Fairness Doctrine authorizes supporting agencies to establish rules and regulations to enforce the Fairness Doctrine without consulting Congress or publication. So, if Homeland Security were to set policy that former American Veterans, (like me) are a national security risk because of political orientation with the Republican Party, then by law I am a traitor and subject to prosecution without notice or warning.

    Now of course that it speculation based only on past experience and current events relative to the current administration. Furthermore, there is no statute of limitations set within the Fairness Doctrine so any discussions archived can and will be reviewed. Of course, per the law, anything we write can and will be held against the author in a court of law.

    I think your, members may want to know this. I would also suggest further research, if we have access to that information, since Congress has challenged the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Miles K.


    Miles K.

    Leadership Consulting, Executive Coaching, Execution Mastery, and Author

    Olivier, thank you for your good wishes.

    I wish you and everybody in this group peace in 2011 as well.

  • Vidya C.


    Vidya C.

    Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn

    We at LinkedIn are so excited that your group is now open! Looking forward to working with you in 2011

  • Rumen S.


    Rumen S.

    Senior QA Analyst at Sofia Marine Ltd., member of AXS Marine group

    Good idea, thumbs up! And thank you for good wishes!

  • -

    - -.

    Likewise my man. All the best to you and yours.

  • Alexandre

    Alexandre G.

    Regional Coordinator-Africa at TGS

    Olivier,very good initiative, looking forward to it,
    al the best for 2011

  • Mir B.


    Mir B.

    International & Asian Affairs Specialist

    No heavens will fall.

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